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Community Engagement Mini-Grants

Honors College Student Board of Directors
Community Engagement
Mini-Grant Guidelines

The Honors College Student Board of Directors is offering this mini-grant program to support Honors College student involvement in community engagement and service learning.

Proposals are due by January 31, 2019 at midnight. Projects must be completed in time to present at the Research and Scholarship Celebration (Undergraduate Expo) on April 3, 2019.

Community Engagement Mini-Grant Guidelines 2018-2019

STEP 1: Start by forming your team! Proposals must come from teams of students. A team must be 2 to 6 students. Your team must include a majority of Honors College students, but may include non-Honors College students. Still, team size cannot exceed 6 students.
STEP 2: Next, approach a community partner. You may want to select one that you researched already. Learn about the community partner’s needs. Be mindful of their schedules, their time and how you can best serve them. Find out what skills you might gain while meeting their needs.
STEP 3: Then, create your proposal. Elements of the proposal should include:
A. Each group member's name and contact information (email & phone number),
B. The name, location, and contact information of your community partner (spell out acronyms please),
C. The mission of the community partner,
D. A statement from you that confirms you have contacted the community partner and that the partner is okay with project implementation at their organization,
E. A project name or title,
F. The GOAL(S) of your project for yourself AND the organization. Note: The goals should be stated in terms of what you will learn, achieve, or accomplish.
G. An overview/description of your project. What activities will you perform?
H. A list of resources you will need to complete the project and how you plan to acquire the resources. Note: The mini-grants will typically be in the range of $100 - $300 but no maximum has been set.
I. An itemized budget that explains your funding needs. Note that mini-grants will typically be in the range of $100 - $300 but no maximum has been set. Budget requests should be sufficient to cover your needs, but not excessive. Budget requests should be sufficient to cover your needs, but not excessive. Provide an itemized budget that explains your funding needs.
J. A project timeline. Be specific. Include specific dates if possible and the duration of the project. This timeline should work for both you and your community partners.
STEP 4: Share your proposal with your community partner. Modify as needed.
STEP 5: Submit your proposal by the deadline, January 31, 2019 at midnight. You can submit your proposal by emailing it to with the subject line “Mini-Grant Proposal.” If you email it, look for an email confirmation that it was received. If you do not get a confirmation within 24 hours, contact the Honors College Office or your USI instructor. ONLY ONE PERSON on the team needs to submit the proposal, on behalf of the whole team.

Your proposal will be reviewed by a committee of students from The Honors College Student Board of Directors and faculty and staff from The Honors College. Proposals that are funded will be notified by the beginning of the spring semester. Proposals that are funded must attend a brief orientation meeting to learn how to access the funding prior to beginning the project. Student teams will also be asked to write a brief report about their project and turn in to the Honors College no later than April 26, 2019.

Projects that are funded through the mini-grant program are encouraged to present their work at a special showcase at the Research and Scholarship Celebration (Undergraduate EXPO) April 3, 2019. First-year Honors College students who present will be considered for a community service award, sponsored by the Honors College Student Board of Directors’ Community Service Committee.

If you would like assistance, please make a Grades First appointment with April Tallant. You may also want to contact the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning or your Honors Advisor for ideas.

Statement of the project’s goals must be written in terms of student learning goals (what you will learn, achieve, or accomplish); and goals for the organization.

At the end of the experience, student goals are to be able to:
1) Describe the inner-workings of a non-profit organization.
2) Appraise relevant information to include in an employment manual.
Organization Goal:
3) Our group will create an employee manual for the Good Stuff, Inc. non-profit organization. The manual will include organization policies and procedures, employment class and compensation, performance evaluation protocols, employee benefits, rules of conduct and grievance procedures.

Budget Example:


Georgia-Pacific Standard Multipurpose Paper,
8.5" x 11",
750 Sheets


1 @ $5.47 + tax


The timeline should indicate the duration of the project (start and end) as well as the specific dates of activity or schedule of activities.

The project will start on January 22 and end February 26, 2019. We estimate 4 hours of work every other weekend during this time period. We will be working with the partner organization once a week for 4 weeks.

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