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Most Honors students, like other WCU students, receive some form of financial aid in the form of (loans, grants, Work-Study, need-based scholarships or a variety of other scholarships).

Incoming first-year Honors students, by virtue of admission to The Brinson Honors College, are automatically considered for a WCU merit scholarship. These scholarships are very competitive, and not every Honors student will receive one.

Transfer Honors students may be eligible for transfer scholarships that are managed by the Office of Admissions.

Continuing Honors students might consider applying for WCU scholarships, such as the Brinson Honors College Merit Scholarship or scholarships offered through the academic department of the student’s major (the Crum Scholarship in the English Department, for example). For information about scholarships for continuing students related to a particular major, contact the academic department head. External scholarships, fellowships, and internships are important for continuing Honors students to consider, although they are extremely competitive. For more information about Honors scholarships or prestigious fellowships, contact the dean.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Friday, May 7, 2021

Eligibility to Apply:

  • Must be a full-time student in the Brinson Honors College, carrying no fewer than 15 credit hours during this Spring 2021 semester;
  • Will have completed 59 or fewer credit hours by the end of Spring 2021 semester (cumulative earned credit hours, which will include transfer credits and summer credits);
  • Must complete the Spring 2021 semester in good standing in the Brinson Honors College (includes earning at least 3 credit hours with Honors and meeting the minimum GPA standards for Honors);
  • Must be registered for at least 15 credit hours in the Fall 2021 semester; and must carry at least 15 credit hours during the Fall 2021 semester.

Application / What to Submit:

  • Applications are completed online using the scholarships portal through your MyWCU.
  • The deadline for applications is 11:55 pm on May 7, 2021. Late applications will NOT be accepted in the online portal.  Do not wait to the last minute to do your application!
  • (1) a statement of purpose (1000 words or less)
    • Describe your academic interests, long-term academic goals, and why this scholarship is important to you.
  • (2) a description of your Honors Path (500 words or less)
    • How have you pursued the Honors Path at WCU?  Describe your activities and ambitions at WCU that demonstrate the ways in which you have incorporated the Honors Path into your college experience.
  • This scholarship is HIGHLY competitive. Do not apply unless you are willing to give your best effort with the application.

Additional Criteria for Consideration:

  • Spring Semester GPA
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Financial Need
  • Other current and/or previous financial support from The Brinson Honors College

Applicant Information Needed:

  • Name
  • 920#
  • Campus Address
  • Home Address
  • Email address
  • Alternate email address
  • Cell phone number
  • Alternate phone number
  • Date of first enrollment at WCU
  • Anticipated graduation date

The Brinson Honors College offers a limited number of Study Abroad Travel Support (SATS) to reimburse students for travel abroad in an approved sponsored program. Travel on your own (outside an approved sponsored program) will not be considered. Students traveling abroad and earning academic credits will be prioritized over students who are traveling abroad without enrolling in credit bearing courses. Students who have not previously received funds for travel will be prioritized over those who have previously received funds.

Your application will be considered by a committee of staff and faculty, and you will be notified about the outcome via email within four weeks of the submission deadline. Only electronic applications will be accepted.
Apply for SATS

A copy of the application is available in Word to help you plan for your online application. If you are completing SATS as a touchstone experience for USI 101, please use the Word copy to upload into Canvas for your instructor, not the electronic application.
SATS Application (Word)

The Brinson Honors College offers scholarships, based on academic merit, to incoming first-year students. As funds allow, The Brinson Honors College also provides scholarships and one-time grants to continuing Honors students. All scholarships depend on remaining in good standing in The Brinson Honors College, in terms of grade point average and progress towards The Brinson Honors College diploma. Transfer scholarships are awarded through the Office of Admissions (828.227.7317). For information about other WCU scholarships not offered through the college, please contact Brenda Holcombe in the Office of Financial Aid (828.227.7732) or visit the WCU Scholarships website.

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