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Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

Health Care Honors Student


Brinson Honors College students interested in combining elements from multiple degree programs may be eligible for “fast track” approval for an Interdisciplinary Studies degree.

The Interdisciplinary Studies degree (B.A. or B.S.) allows students to combine elements of several majors, or to customize the curriculum to create a major that is tailored to his or her individual needs and goals. For example, one student combined courses in professional writing, computer science, graphic arts, and computer information systems to create a B.S. special studies degree in "Computer Communication."

Note that the Interdisciplinary Studies option works for many students, including pre-professional students; however, it is not applicable to specially accredited programs such as education or nursing.


  • All Interdisciplinary Studies students must complete the Liberal Studies Program. For the B.A., students must complete the modern foreign language requirement for WCU B.A. programs.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies programs should be designed in partnership with the student’s Brinson Honors College Advisor.
  • The program should include a plan for a senior project, capstone course or final assessment component.
  • The program must be approved by the primary department’s curriculum committee and the associated college’s Dean.


To gain approval for an Interdisciplinary Studies degree, the Honors student must:

  1. Begin the process by consulting with a primary advisor (check with Honors Dean to determine who this will be). 
  2. Work with the primary advisor to create an Interdisciplinary Studies degree proposal, which will include the completed Interdisciplinary Studies Program Form for Honors Students with all required signatures; a list of all courses needed to reach 120-128 total hours for the degree (including Liberal Studies); and a one-page statement from the student that explains how the proposed Interdisciplinary Studies degree will meet that student’s post-graduate professional plans (career or graduate school). 
  3. Once the Interdisciplinary Studies degree is approved, the student must follow the plan and all courses required in order to graduate.

Download the Interdisciplinary Studies Program Form

Examples of approved documents required for program:
     Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Proposal
     Course List
     Course Annotations

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