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Honors Courses

An Honors course is an academic credit hour course with an "Honors" designation. Most Honors courses parallel the Liberal Studies Program curriculum; therefore, they are not additional requirements needed to complete a degree program. Honors credits correspond to the number of hours for the course.

Honors courses differ from regular courses in that they are:

  • Smaller than regular courses;
  • Taught by specially selected faculty members who have been chosen in consultation with the dean, the director of Honors Advising, and department heads;
  • Discussion-based courses;
  • Courses designed with challenging, creative assignments that may lead to undergraduate research projects

For an idea of Honors courses offered, view the course offerings file in the Resources section on this page or below.

Honors Course List

Hear what our Honors Students have to say about their Honors Courses...

In my first semester I took Honors Biology (BIO 104). My favorite part about the class was the fact that we went more in-depth with the material. Working on group activities was also easier in my Honors course than it was in my other courses. Working with fellow Honors students helps build a sense of community and productivity.
- Bella McMahan

I have taken multiple honors classes and I have enjoyed each one of them! One benefit of honors classes is that you take them only with other honors students, so it's students you see around your dorm and in your other honors classes! I made multiple friends from getting to know people in my honors classes and then seeing them in our honors community too.
- Jordan Chambliss

My favorite part about taking Honors courses my freshman year was that we were all in class with only other Honors students, most of which we were also living with in Balsam or Blue Ridge. It made it very easy to make friends, and also if you needed a study buddy someone in your class was probably just down the hall from your room! It’s also a great way to connect with professors more closely because most Honors courses tend to be smaller than regular courses!
- Dixie Laws

Honors courses have been my favorite courses that I have taken at Western. The class sizes are generally pretty small, so you get to know your professors really well and have the opportunity to work on special projects with them. The classes are also usually discussion-based, which helps me to think about the course material and apply it to my own life. I definitely would recommend taking Honors courses!
- Melissa Rogers

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