Honors College Board of Directors

Established in 1997, the Honors College Board serves as the on-campus advisory group to the dean. As a unique feature, the Board of Directors is comprised entirely of Honors students who nominate and elect their own officers.

The board advises the dean on all matters and policies including College admissions, requirements to stay in the College, the mentoring program, curriculum changes, Honors classes, and all social activities.

All Honors students are welcome to attend board meetings. For Spring 2017 semester, meetings are held every Thursday at 6pm in the UC Cardinal room

Download the Honors College Board of Directors Constitution

For more information, contact the dean or the President of the Honors College Board of Directors.

Honors College Board of Directors Officers (2017-2018)
Sarah Bennett, President
Sallie Perdieu, Vice President
Jordan Thompson, Secretary
Alexa Bevers, Treasurer
Emily Combs, Public Relations Specialist
Wyatt Jones & Michelle Chamblee, Community Service Committee Co-chairs
Rachel Rhodes, Marketing Committee Chair
Paolo Balladares & Anna Haggy, Programming Committee Co-chairs
Elijah Dennison, Whee Turn the Page Committee Chair
Lindsey Farris & Paolo Balladares, Mentoring Committee Co-chairs

Honors College Board of Directors Full Members 2016-17

Honors College Board of Directors Full Members (2016-2017)
Alexa Hendrick, Alicia Gentry, Ally Bevers, Anna Haggy, Ashley Wilson, Brooklyn Parham, Chelsey Rowan, Elijah Dennison, Elissa Nelson, Emily Combs, Helen Miller, Jacob Lambert, Jacob Lowman, Jordan Thompson, Kayla Harasymchuk, Lindsey Farris, Michelle Chamblee, Mollie Bishop, Paolo Balladares, Rachel Rhodes, Sallie Perdieu, Samuel Simmons, Sarah Bennett, Shelby Spruill, Savannah Clay, Taylor Davis, Wyatt Jones

Honors College Board of Directors Community Engagement Mini-Grants

The Honors College Student Board of Directors is offering this mini-grant program to support Honors College student involvement in community engagement and service learning. Proposals are due by February 16, midnight. Projects must be presented at one of the following venues: The Research and Scholarship Celebration (Undergraduate Expo) on MARCH 21 and 22; or an Honors College Student Board of Directors meeting before the end of the spring semester.

Community Engagement Mini-Grant Guidelines 

STEP 1:  Start by forming your team! Proposals must come from teams of students. A team must be 2 to 5 students. Your team must include a majority of Honors College students, but may include non-Honors College students. Still, team size cannot exceed 5 students. 

STEP 2:  Next, approach a community partner. You may want to select one that you researched already. Learn about the community partner’s needs. Be mindful of their schedules, their time and how you can best serve them. Find out what skills you might gain while meeting their needs. 

STEP 3:  Then, create your proposal. Elements of the proposal should include:

  1. Each group member's name and contact information (email & phone number),
  2. The name, location and contact information of your community partner (spell out acronyms please),
  3. The mission of the community partner,
  4. A statement from you that confirms you have contacted the community partner and that the partner is okay with project implementation at their organization,
  5. A project name or title,
  6. The GOAL(S) of your project for yourself AND the organization Note:  The goals should be stated in terms of what you will learn, achieve, or accomplish. 
  7. An overview/description of your project.  What activities will you perform?
  8. A list of resources you will need to complete the project and how you plan to acquire the resources. Note that mini-grants will typically be in the range of $100 - $300 but no maximum has been set. 
  9. An itemized budget that explains your funding needs. Note that mini-grants will typically be in the range of $100 - $300 but no maximum has been set.  Budget requests should be sufficient to cover your needs, but not excessive. Budget requests should be sufficient to cover your needs, but not excessive.  Provide an itemized budget that explains your funding needs.
  10.  A project timeline. Be specific. Include specific dates if possible and the duration of the project. This timeline should work for both you and your community partners.

STEP 4:  Share your proposal with your community partner. Modify as needed. 

STEP 5:  Submit your proposal by the deadline Friday, February 16. You can submit your proposal by emailing it to honors@wcu.edu with the subject line “Mini-Grant Proposal.” If you email it, look for an email confirmation that it was received. If you do not get a confirmation within 24 hours, contact the Honors College Office or your USI instructor. ONLY ONE PERSON on the team needs to submit the proposal, on behalf of the whole team. 

Your proposal will be reviewed by a committee of students from The Honors College Student Board of Directors and faculty and staff from The Honors College. 

Proposals that are funded will be notified by the beginning of the spring semester. Proposals that are funded must attend a brief orientation meeting to learn how to access the funding prior to beginning the project. Student teams will also be asked to write a brief report about their project and turn in to the Honors College no later than May 4, 2018. 

Projects that are funded through the mini-grant program are encouraged to present their work at a special showcase at the Research and Scholarship Celebration (Undergraduate EXPO) March 21, 2018. First-year Honors College students who present will be considered for a community service award, sponsored by the Honors College Student Board of Directors’ Community Service Committee. 

If you would like assistance, please make a Grades First appointment with April Tallant. You may also want to contact the Center for Service Learning for ideas.

Honors College Board of Directors Outstanding honors student award

The Outstanding Honors Student Award is an award given to an Honors student in good standing with the Honors College. Faculty members who work with Honors students are asked to nominate one Honors student who they believe embodies what it means to be a well-rounded student. To be considered for nomination, faculty members should select a student who show(n)/participate(d) in one or more of the following: leadership, service, undergraduate research, study abroad and/or internships. The nominator should also be able to describe why the student deserves recognition.

Honors College Board of Directors President's Award

This award is given to a member of the (Student) Board of Directors who exhibits dedicated and enthusiastic service to the Board. While not required, it is preferable that the student selected for this award has been a full member of the Board for at least two semesters. The student chosen for this award must be someone who was/is instrumental to the success of the Honors Board and has dedicated immense effort to improve the integrity of the organization.

The selection of the recipient will be decided by the President of the Board and the Dean of the Honors College. The Honors College Board of Directors President's Award will be presented to the awardee at an appropriate spring venue (either Medallion or Induction Ceremony).

Honors College Board of Directors Faculty Excellence Award

The Honors College Board of Directors Faculty Excellence Award is a student nominated award given to any faculty member in any department/college at Western Carolina University. For this award, each member of the Honors College Board of Directors may nominate ONE faculty member who has gone above and beyond what is required of them as a professor and/or has encouraged and challenged his/her students to expand their horizons and pursue different realms of the "honors path,” which include research, study abroad, service learning, internships and leadership. Also, it is not required that a faculty member teaches or sponsors Honors courses or Honors contracts.

The selection of the award is based on both the number of nominations a faculty member receives and the explanation of the faculty member’s efforts and why he or she deserves recognition. Nominations for this award shall be collected early in the spring semester. The recipient of the award will be decided by the President of the Board, Dean of the Honors College and other Honors College Staff (April Tallant, Emily Sharpe and Colin Townsend) if there is a tie for the winning recipient. The Honors College Board of Directors Faculty Excellence Award will be presented by the Board to the selected faculty member at the spring induction ceremony for the Board of Directors.

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