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Honors College Ambassador Program

What are Honors College Ambassadors?

Honors College Ambassadors will…

  1. Assist the Honors College faculty and staff with programs and events that promote the Honors College and WCU.
  2. Speak with prospective students, parents, stakeholders, and supporters to provide an informative and positive view of the University and Honors College experience.
  3. Participate in events like Open House days and will serve as host/hostess for scholarship/recognition programs.
  4. May be selected to speak in front of groups about their Honors experiences and the opportunities afforded to students in the Honors College.
  5. Engage in ongoing outreach efforts to new WCU Honors College-eligible applicants on a regular basis.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Honors College Ambassadors?

Ambassadors will be provided training and meetings so that they can be as successful as possible in meeting their obligations. Ambassadors are expected to attend 75% of all trainings and meetings (occur an average of one per month). The trainings and meetings will provide updates and information to assure that Ambassadors are well-informed about the Honors College and its programs and opportunities. In addition to training, Ambassadors will also be expected to volunteer at least three times per semester.

By developing a cadre of Ambassadors, the Honors College will be able to call on individuals at a time and/or date that suits their schedule; the Honors College will not place an undue burden on your schedule or your time. However, if you apply and are accepted, the Honors College will expect you to be available periodically throughout the year. A students’ reappointment as an Ambassador will be considered by the Honors College faculty and staff at the end of the academic year (there are no automatic reappointments) so that each student can make a decision about on-going participation.

Why Become an Honors College Ambassador?

Has the Honors College experience been important to you in your time at WCU? Did it help you to make the decision to come to WCU? Would you be interested in talking with program supporters about the difference they have made in your education by supporting the Honors College? This is your opportunity to give back and pay it forward in helping the Honors College grow and thrive in the future!

Ambassadors serve as unpaid volunteers, however, there are many perks to the position – including adding it as a line on your resume! Being an ambassador will allow you to connect with other Honors students at WCU and strengthen your relationship with faculty, staff, students, organizations on campus, and other stakeholders in the community. You will gain valuable communication and leadership skills in the ambassador program.

What are the Qualifications for Being an Honors College Ambassador?

The qualifications for Honors College Ambassadors include: freshman, sophomore, junior status; excellent communication skills, a strong interest in helping others, a positive and cheerful disposition, enthusiasm for working with a diverse group of people, a commitment to personal reflection and professional improvement, and status as an Honors College student in good standing. In addition, students must go through the ambassador training and attend meetings in order to serve. If you apply and are accepted, the Honors College will expect you to be available periodically throughout the year.  Typically, an Honors College Ambassador should be able to volunteer for 1 or 2 events per month, or roughly 2 to 4 hours per month, beyond the training programs.

NEW OPPORTUNITY! For CURRENT Honors College Ambassadors

Honors Students who have served as ambassadors for one or more years are eligible to apply for a Lead Ambassador position. This position will assist the ambassador coordinator and act as a liaison between the Honors faculty and student ambassadors. Lead Ambassadors will use their experience to help and encourage student ambassadors and act as a resource for general questions or concerns about the program. The Lead Ambassador will also provide input on the training calendar regarding what topics should be covered in training to provide ambassadors with the best possible skill set to fit their responsibilities.

To Apply

CURRENT Honors College Ambassadors must apply by September 17th 5 PM, no interview required.  Decision to be made by September 24.  Current Ambassadors application materials should address all of the following (all in ONE document):

  1. A paragraph about the events that you participated in throughout the previous year and why you want to serve again.
  2. Discussion of the Honors College Ambassador trainings that you attended, what you learned, if and how you applied the training, and what additional training you would like to have for the upcoming year.
  3. A copy of your fall 2018 course and work schedule (if applicable) for fall. If you are selected, you are expected to notify
  4. A list of your best available times to volunteer (example: Mondays after 2 PM) for fall 2018. Be as specific as possible.
  5. Send a current photo in jpg format and a 500 word or less bio that details information about yourself. Please include your major, hometown, and class standing. Also, write about at least one part of the Honors Path that you have been engaged in (ex: undergraduate research, community service) - something that you feel is your niche! This information will be posted on our website in a new Ambassador information page!
  6. If you are interested in applying for Lead Ambassador: Include a write-up (500 words or less) of why you should be selected for the position – what experiences and skills have you gained from the ambassador program and how would you use those to support other ambassadors?
  7. How do I apply?

    All materials above must be completed beforehand and uploaded in order to fill out and submit the application.

NEW Honors College Ambassador Applicants must apply by September 17th, 5 PM with in-person interview to be scheduled the following two weeks.

Your application includes:

  1. A one-page resume.
  2. A formal letter to the Associate Dean of the Honors College which includes the following information (at a minimum; must be included in either the resume and/or letter, as appropriate):
    1. your name, phone number, catamount email address
    2. expected graduation date, major or planned major, home town, languages (other than English) that you speak fluently or near fluently
    3. a statement explaining your interest in serving as an Ambassador
    4. a statement about a class that you find particularly engaging or intellectually stimulating and what interests you most about that class
    5. a list of your on-campus activities (clubs, work, etc.) and out of class interests or hobbies.
  3. A copy of your course and work schedule (if applicable) for fall. If you are selected, you are expected to notify The Honors College of any schedule changes by the second Monday of classes (5PM).
  4. A list of your best available times to volunteer (example: Mondays after 2 PM) for fall. Be as specific as possible.

How do I apply?

Follow the link below to access the online application. The online portion should take 5-10 minutes and is used as a place for application materials to be submitted. All materials must be completed beforehand and uploaded in order to fill out and submit the application.

What Happens After I Apply?

The cadre of Ambassadors will be chosen based on the goal of providing a diverse cohort of student ambassadors representing a wide-range of interests, experiences, and perspectives across WCU and the Honors College. All CURRENT Honors College Ambassadors who are selected will be notified via catamount email.  NEW Honors College Ambassador Applicants will apply and be contacted to schedule an in-person interview. Decisions will be made by the end of September.

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