Liberal Studies Committee

Committee Members

Arts & Sciences

Katherine Mathews 2016-2019

Elizabeth McRae 2016-2019

Jen Schiff 2015-2018


Jim DeConinck 2015-2018

Julie Johnson-Busbin 2016-2019

Education and Allied Professions

Ethan Schilling 2014-2017

Gayle Wells 2014-2017

Fine and Performing Arts

Damon Sink 2015-2018

Health and Human Sciences

Baldwin Sanders 2014-2017

Leigh Angel 2015-2018

Hunter Library

Jessica Zellers 2016-2019

Engineering and Technology

Hugh Jack 2015-2018

Associate Provost

Carol Burton* Ongoing

APRC Chair

Kae Livsey* Ongoing


Alicia Cameron* Ongoing

Undergraduate Studies

Deidre Hopkins* Ongoing

*positions are held ex officio

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