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It's your right to vote, we're here to help support you. Here you'll find resources and information to navigate any questions you may have. Whether you need help registering, looking to be more educated on the issues, or assuring you are able to cast your ballot!

You can also learn how to get invovled on-campus with the Student Democracy Coalition, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to increasing civic engagement on our campus. 

Questions? Email Lane Perry or come by the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning in Belk 273.

It's important to know the facts behind candidates and how the voting process works in out country. Here are a few useful resources:

Voting By Mail Educational Videos:


No matter the results up and down the ballot, there are going to be fellow Catamount citizens whose candidates do not win their races. It is imperative, that we – as the Catamount Community – practice civility, live our institutional values, and remember our Catamount Community Creed through our words, actions, and responses. It is essential that we all model the way for our community and exemplify what it means to be an engaged citizen into and through our democracy’s elections. Here are some post-election specific resources to help manage this process.

Sometimes the process of voting and registering to vote can be confusing. Here are a few helpful tips when registering to vote at WCU:

  • Online Registration: If you have a valid North Carolina ID and know your social security number you can vote online! Just follow the six steps below - or follow this visual flowchart.
    1. Visit
    2. Click "Continue to myNCDMV Services"
    3. Select "Continue as a guest"
    4. Click "Submit a voter registration application"
    5. Enter your NC Driver License or DMV-issued ID Card number, Social Security number (SSN), & date of birth
    6. You can register to vote, update your address, & change party affiliation
  • Paper Registration: There are lots of opportunities to fill out a paper registration!
    • Come to our offices in Belk 273 - We have paper forms and can help walk you through the process step by step. We can even mail your completed registration for you!
    • Register at a voter registration drive - each fall the Student Democracy Coalition sponsers voter registration drives all across campus! Check back later for dates and locations.

    • Go online - Download and print a paper registration. Bring it by the CCESL office if you need help filling it out!
    • The address for the Jackson County Board of Elections is:

    • Go to the DMV - The helpful employees at the DMV can fill out a Voter Registration card for you and print it in person. Find your local branch.

    • Once you have completed, signed, and dated your paper voter registration application, you have a few options. You can mail the application into the county Board of Elections, you can take it to the Board of Elections in person, or you can come by the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning in Belk 273 and we will be happy to turn it in for you. 

876 Skyland Drive Suite 1
Sylva, NC 28779

Additional tips and resources:

    • Not sure what address to enter on your voter registration form? Click the following PDF to find the 911 address for your residence hall or apartment. 

      Updated 911 Addresses 2020

    • If you have registered previously, but have since moved or changed dorms, it is important to update your address. If you have changed counties, you will need to re-register. If you have moved but still reside in the same county, you can either re-register to update your address, or you can call the local Board of Elections and they will be able to assist you.
    • If you live off campus: For your residential address you will put your current off-campus address. Your mailing address is wherever you receive your mail.

    • Please remember to select your political affiliation. If you leave it blank, you will be automatically registered as an unaffiliated voter. This means you can choose which party’s ballot you want during primarie
    • Voting during the time of covid-19 can be confusing. We have put all of this information has been put into a handy flowchart that may be easier to guide your registration and voting process.
    • If you are NOT registered to vote and you live in Jackson County (including on-campus residence halls) you will be able to register and vote on campus at the same time during the dates of early voting. This is called same day voter registration and it ROCKS! Final note - you cannot same day register on Election Day so be sure to vote early or register ahead of time!

The Civic Engagement Action Plan 2020, drafted in collaboration with the Student Democracy Coalition (SDC), the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning (CCESL) at Western Carolina University (WCU), and the Advisory Committee for Student Civic Engagement on campus, is built on nearly a decade of high-level, sustained, student-led, and institutionally-supported civic engagement efforts and over 125 years of community engagement in and across the western region of North Carolina.

Read the Plan

The Student Democracy Coalition is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to increasing civic engagement on our campus. We are focused on voting rights and educating our student body on political topics and issues.

Learn more about the Student Democracy Coalition or contact Amanda Hanson or Lane Perry to learn how you can get involved!


Abesentee Voting

  • Any North Carolina registered voter qualified to vote in an election may request and receive a mail-in absentee ballot for any election in which absentee voting is allowed.
  • No special circumstance or reason is needed to receive and vote a mail-in absentee ballot.
  • Most voters who want to vote by mail must request a ballot for each election.
  • learn more and request your absentee ballot
  • If you are not registered to vote in NC you can either register in NC or see your state's voting website to request an absentee ballot. If you need help come see us in the CCESL in Belk 273!

Voting Day Polling Place:
Cullowhee Recreation Center
88 Cullowhee Mountain Rd
Cullowhee, NC 28723

As of November 26, 2019, WCU student IDs meet the NC State Board of Elections voter ID requirements. 

On that date, the State Board of Elections approved the CatCard for voting in the state of North Carolina under N.C.G.S. § 163-166.16(a) for the primaries and general election to be held in 2020. Western Carolina University has made several changes to the CatCard to meet the specified criteria, including adding an expiration date to new cards to be used as voter IDs.
On Tuesday, December 31, 2019, the federal district court issued an order and preliminary injunction of the photo ID requirement added by Session Law 2018-144 (SB824). As such, the North Carolina State Board of Elections has requested that the following information be shared with students:

Voters will not be required to show photo ID for the 2020 primary election. In a December 31 order, a federal district court blocked North Carolina’s voter photo ID requirement from taking effect. The injunction will remain in place until further order of the court.  For more information visit the State Board of Elections website:”

We will update the CatCard website and share more information as it becomes available. Campus Services and the CatCard Office remain committed to providing a voter ID compliant CatCard should it be required in future elections.

* While the ON-CAMPUS POLLING PLACE is open, the UC will be a NO CAMPAIGN ZONE.

As the University Center is home to an early voting site, it is important that all people who enter adhere to these rules and expectations:

  • No campaigning within 25 ft. of the UC;
  • No partisan literature in the UC;
  • No partisan posters or events in the UC;
  • No handing out partisan pamphlets;
  • No partisan events/posters inside the UC;
  • No going table-to-table encouraging people to vote for a particular candidate within the UC.
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