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Lily Community Engagement Award

Do you participate in community engagement activities? Do you want to be formally recognized for your hard work, dedication, and community building efforts?

Lilly Service Award Graduate


If so, the Lily Community Engagement Award (LCEA) is perfect for you.

Developed to encourage and reward students who participate in and reflect on a wide range of community engagement opportunities at Western Carolina University. The LCEA is open to all students, and service projects are divided into three categories:

  • Direct Community Impact
  • Donation and Philanthropy
  • Awareness and Advocacy

Days of Service

Alternative Breaks

Independent Projects

Community Partners

LCEA Points Menu

Pre-Approved projectS


How Do I Earn A Lily Community Engagement Award?

Lily Award Capstone Project


Students can earn Lily points by participating in service projects and reflecting on them. Each activity within each category has a point value associated with it. Points are expanded upon and explained in the LCEA Points Menu.

There is also a set of Pre-Approved Volunteer Projects which are additional opportunities for you to earn Lily points. If you would like to pursue your own volunteer projects, philanthropy or fundraising initiatives, or awareness or advocacy events, you may do so by following the process outlined in our Independent Volunteer Projects.

Once you have earned 100 points, you will receive the Lily Community Engagement Award (LCEA). You will be honored with the following:

  • Green LCEA Honors cords for graduation (with a GPA of 3.25 of above)
  • Honorary membership into the Cullowhee Lily Society upon graduation, including a Cullowhee Lily planted in your honor on campus
  • LCEA Certificate from the CSL and an invitation to and recognition at the CSL's Annual Awards Banquet

Once you have earned 200 points, you will receive the Lily Community Engagement Award with Distinction. Once you have earned 175 points, you will be eligible to complete the required qualifying capstone project to earn your final 25 points. As a LCEA with Distinction recipient, you will be honored with the following (in addition to the previously listed recognitions):

  • Purple LCEA with Distinction honors cord (with a GPA of 3.25 or above)
  • A commemorative accolade
  • The opportunity to showcase your LCEA capstone project
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