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Mainspring Conservation Trust



Rachel Newcomb, Conservation Outreach Associate

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1148
Franklin, NC 28744

Phone Number:


828-524-2711 x305

Fax Number:


Email Address:

Website Address:

Office Hours:

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. M - F


Main Office: 557 E. Main Street, Franklin, N.C.;

Agency Description:

Established in 1997, the mission of Mainspring Conservation Trust is to conserve the waters, forests, farms and heritage of the Upper Little Tennessee and Hiwassee River Valleys. We are dedicated to three core initiatives: conserve the land, restore the water, and connect the people to these valuable resources. We strive to protect land that is important for its value as wildlife habitat, productive farmland, recreational use, scenic beauty, or historic significance and offer educational programs for youth and adults. Based in Franklin with an additional office in Murphy, our region includes all 6 western-most counties of North Carolina and Rabun County, Georgia.


Volunteers will be trained specifically for the tasks assigned; no experience necessary for most opportunities.

Time Commitment:

Depends on project.

Skills, Experience, and Special Requirements:

We prefer volunteers who have education or experience relative to our specific needs (web design, GIS, etc.).

Volunteer Involvement:

We prefer volunteers who are interested in our mission and have a passion for western North Carolina. Education or experience relative to our specific needs

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