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Hawthorn Heights (in association with Children's Hope Alliance)


Katie McMillan, Development Officer

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 99
Webster, NC 28788

Phone Number:


Fax Number: 828-586-0649

Email Address:

Website Address:

Office Hours: 24/7


656 Black Hill Rd
Bryson City, NC 28788

Agency Description:

Hawthorn Heights is a residential care center located in Bryson City, NC, serving children between the ages of 12-17. Youth must be in need of short-term, out-of-home care for either protection, planning, crisis intervention, family conflict resolution, and/or behavior stabiliazation. Hawthorn is staffed by specially trained professionals who are skilled in dealing with the complexity of problems this population experiences.

Training: Training is provided by the agency.

Time Commitment: Flexible hours.

Skills, Experience, and Special Requirements:

Volunteers should have an understanding of basic counseling concepts, good interpersonal skills, adequate presentation skills, and an ability to relate effectively to youth.

Volunteer Involvement:

Volunteers will present to youth aftercare groups on such topics as drug abuse, stress management, relationship issues, suicide prevention, anger management, and a host of other similar topics. Volunteers will be allowed to interact with youth during and after each session. Volunteers also offer tutoring services to youth in the shelter.

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