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Student Resources

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The Center for Career and Professional development sets out to provide WCU students with the training and resources they need to prepare for a fulfilling career after college and to make the transition into the workforce or to the graduate-level training they need. Services we provide include:

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Often, the most important step toward securing your first job is a professional resume and effective cover letter that showcases what you can add to the organization where you hope to work. Don't underestimate the importance of a carefully written and professionally presented package. 

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After impressing your future employer with your resume, you'll need effective interviewing skills. We highly recommend participating with us in mock interviews to practice prior to a job interview.

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Connections are important. We provide ample opportunity for you to get in front of potential employers and make connections even before you start your job search.

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Job Searching

Job search strategies should be mutlifaceted and tailored to each individual student's goals. We help students identify the variety of job search tools and resources that will help them achieve their next steps. 

*The CCPD has created a specialized page of resources and advice for job and internship searching during COVID-19. Be sure to include these tips and tools if searching now. 


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