Center for Career and Professional Development

New Hire

Hiring Paperwork

Students who have not worked on campus before will need to complete a hiring packet in the Center for Career and Professional Development. Hiring packets include:

  • Mandatory Direct Deposit notification
  • FERPA/ Confidentiality agreements
  • W-4/ NC-4 tax forms
  • Federal I-9 Form* (see List of Acceptable Documents)
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment Form**

* In order to complete the Federal I-9 Form, the Department of Homeland Security requires everyone to show original documents as indicated on the List of Acceptable Documents. Scanned or faxed copies of these documents will NOT be accepted and students may not work until they have presented the documents in their original form. Please contact the Center for Career and Professional Development for further information or if you have questions

** In order to enroll in Direct Deposit, students must attach one of the four items listed on the form (voided or photocopy of a check, bank form, etc). The student's name MUST be listed on the account.

Payroll Resources

Affordable Care Act

Please review the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace Notice regarding general information about the Marketplace, how it works, and the criteria to qualify for a government subsidy to help pay for health coverage through a Marketplace.

To ask questions or to shop for coverage on the Marketplace, visit

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