Hire Advantage Supervisor Program

The Hire Advantage Supervisor program aims to connect supervisors of student workers to additional resources and information regarding managing students for optimum student professional development. The program centers around high impact practices in student employment and student development theory to give supervisors a more informed look at how their students learn, reflect, and develop. 

How it Works

1. Interested faculty and staff register for the program (workshops listed below). This is a rolling registration with no cap at this time.

2. Faculty and staff sign up for and attend the listed workshops before completing each level.

3. Faculty and staff integrate what they have learned through the workshops into their student employment program

4. Upon completion of all three levels, faculty and staff receive a certificate of completion and recognized as a Hire Advantage Supervisor on JobCat so that students see the benefit of working with that supervisor.


Level 1:

  • Designing a High Impact Student Employment Program– In this part-presentation, part-writing workshop, participants will learn what it means to have a high impact student employment program and how they can feasibly start changing their programs to reflect.
  • Creating a Student Employment Manual –Participants will learn the importance of adopting or updating a student employment manual for his/her department and what items should be included. Participants will also learn about online resources they can use to create their manual.
  • Hiring and Training Student Workers – This workshop includes ideas for advertising jobs, what to include in a job description and what they should be doing to train and orient their student workers

 Level 2:

  • Experiential Learning and Active Reflection: Applying Theory to Practice – Participants will learn about the Experiential Learning Cycle and the need to implement active reflection within their employment program, and then how to apply it.
  • Developing Student Learning Outcomes – Participants will learn how to create learning outcomes for their student workers. What are student workers in your department really learning?  Participants will then brainstorm and develop a draft of student learning outcomes.
  • Evaluating Student Workers – This workshop includes suggested practices for evaluating student workers on the established learning outcome and strategies to implement for appropriate support to students
  • **Supervisors must submit their completed student employment manual before moving on to Level 3

 Level 3:  (all electives.  Choose 3)

  • Assessing Student Learning Outcomes - Participants will learn about assessment strategies for measuring effective their learning outcomes for their employment programs are in student professional development.
  • Applying Kolb's Educator Role Profile - Participants will take a free online survey to assess their educator role within their programs; information on educator roles can be applied using the Experiential Learning Cycle to enhance effectiveness in working with student workers. 
  • Managing Generation Z, Part 1/ Part 2 (Must do both to get this credit) – Part 1 is the presentation on what research says about this cohort of students in terms of their workplace competencies, educational expectations, and how they were raised.  Part 2 is a student panel in which participants engage in conversation with students in Generation Z and ask specific questions. 
  • Bridging Soft Skills Gap: Professionalism and Accountability: Participants will learn strategies for teaching and integrating the above concepts to encourage student growth in these areas
  • Bridging Soft Skills Gap: Developing People Skills - Participants will learn strategies for teaching and integrating the above concepts to encourage student growth in these areas
  • Bridging Soft Skills Gap: Service in the Workplace - Participants will learn strategies for teaching and integrating the above concepts to encourage student growth in these areas
  • Bridging Soft Skills Gap: Dimensions and Application to Teamwork - Participants will learn strategies for teaching and integrating the above concepts to encourage student growth in these areas
  • Look for other Bridging Soft Skills Gap workshops


1. Faculty and staff will receive a link for a quick pre-program survey to create a baseline of information regarding how they feel about managing student workers and what they know so far.

2. Students who work with the supervisor will also receive a link for a pre-program survey to assess their comfort level in working with their department.

3. At the end of the academic year, the same groups of people will receive a post-program survey to measure growth and development in both faculty/ staff as well as the students they supervise.


In addition to receiving a certificate of completion and recognition on JobCat as being a Hire Advantage Supervisor, those who enroll and participate in the program will have an edge for the inaugural Best Student Employment Program award to be given at the 2018 Spring Faculty/ Staff Spring Awards Ceremony. The $2,500 award will be given to the department for their outstanding student employment program.  The award will be applied to the department’s student employment budget line. 


Call Carrie Hachadurian, Student Development Coordinator for the Center for Career and Professional Development, at 828-227-3888 or cphachadurian@wcu.edu. 

When do I have to register for this program?

You may register for the Hire Advantage program at any time.

Who can register for the program?

Any part-time or full-time, non-student WCU faculty or staff.

Do I have to be currently supervising student workers to register?

No, any WCU faculty and staff (non student) may register, regardless if you are currently supervisor student workers

Is there a deadline to finish the program?


No. You may complete the program at your own pace, but you will not receive certification or recognition in JobCat as a Hire Advantage Supervisor until you have completed all three levels

Do I have to register for the workshops before I attend?

Yes, You must RSVP to workshops as space is limited. Likewise, please wait to RSVP until you know you will be able to attend.


I have attended some of these workshops last year. Can I get credit for them?

Yes, you can receive credit for the workshops you have already attended.  Be sure to note any classes you have already participated in when you register for the program.  However, keep in mind some things in the workshops may have been updated or changed since you last participated.


Do I have to be registered for the program in order to register for workshops?


No. You can still attend the workshops even if you aren’t registered for the program, but program participants get first priority.

Do I have to be registered for the program to apply for the Best Student Employment Program Award?

No. Any department may nominate themselves for the Best Student Employment Program, however, participation in the Hire Advantage program will give departments an edge over the competition.


How do I apply for the Best Student Employment Program Award?


The application to apply will be sent out campus-wide along with the other faculty and staff award nomination forms.

Can I use my participation in Hire Advantage towards WCU Works?


Possibly.  Please see Chris Dahlquist in Human Resources to request credit in the WCU Works program.

Does the program have a cost associated with it?

 No, the program has no cost. 

how long do the sessions typically last?

 Most sessions last about an hour; workshops which last more than one hour will be noted on the registration page. 

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