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Find a Job

  1. Check out the jobs posted on JobCat 2.0, WCU's student employment online jobs board.. New ones are posted as they come in. Click here for step-by-step instructions

  2. On-campus jobs and local jobs are open to all students. Work-Study jobs are only available for those with Financial Aid. For Work-Study details see the Financial Aid office, located on the first floor of Killian Annex.

  3. Once on the job listing, click on the job title for the contact information and other job details.

  4. Follow the instructions listed on the job ad to apply for the job. Each office does its own hiring. The Center for Career and Professional Development does not make interview appointments or know the in-depth details about the positions.

  5. If you are hired by an on-campus office, the contact person will complete with you a Hiring Form for Non Work-Study Student Employment.

  6. Once hired, take the completed Hiring Form to the Student Employment Office by the first day of work to complete payroll paperwork.

  7. To get on payroll and to be paid, you must present the required IDs listed below.

Top Tips for the On-Campus Job Seeker

  1. Be persistent: Check JobCat 2.0 early and often, as new jobs are posted as they come in.  The first month of each semester (August and January) is when most opportunities become available.  Contact the employer listed for the job to ask about an interview.

  2. Be courteous: When you call or visit an employer to inquire about a job, be as professional as possible.  You only have one chance to make a first impression, and employers want to know you’re serious about the job.

  3. Dress appropriately: If visiting a prospective employer, dress professionally.  Once again, you only have one chance to make a good first impression.  Wear clean, ironed dress clothes, not your favorite jeans and sweatshirt.

  4. Bring your résumé to an interview: Most campus jobs do not require you to provide a résumé at an interview, but why not bring one anyway?  Make sure you tailor your experience and qualifications for the job.  To learn how to make a résumé, view templates and tips on our website, make an appointment with one of Career Services’ career counselors, or visit the Peer Career Mentor table on campus.

  5. Be punctual: Show up to your interview or scheduled work time at least five minutes early.  Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to park on campus and/or walk from class to where you need to be.  If you foresee yourself being late, call the employer and let him/her know what time you will be there.

  6. Be prepared: Interviews can be daunting experiences, but a lot of practice can help ease your nerves.  Make use of JobCat 2.0and all of its functions, including mock interview for online practice.

Required IDs to work on campus:


It is federal law that you provide evidence that you can legally work in this country. To do so you must present the following:

1. An Identity Document

  • Photo ID – Drivers license, CAT card, Military or Tribal ID


2. An Employment Eligibility Document (A complete list is on Form I-9.) The most common are:

  • Original Social Security Card (It cannot be a photocopy or fax.)
  • Original (Certified) Copy of your Birth Certificate (It must have a stamped Raised Seal or on government issued, tamper resistant paper. It cannot be a photocopy or fax.)
  • Native American tribal document (It cannot be a photocopy or fax.)


A US Passport (un-expired) or a Permanent Resident Card
A US Passport or Resident card serves both as an Identity and Employment Eligibility document. Resident Aliens must produce their card with their Resident Alien number.

Other documents are acceptable but most people do not have them, such as a US Citizen ID card. Please see the Student Employment staff for the Form I-9 that lists all acceptable documents.

**If a student does not have these IDs on campus, the originals or official copies should be acquired from home. A duplicate Social Security card can be issued free at any Social Security office. The closest office to WCU is in Franklin. Ask the staff in the Center for Career and Professional Development for details and directions.

Note: Faxes or photocopies of these documents are not permitted by federal law.


After successfully interviewing for a job, international students must bring their Passport, I-20 (or DS 2019), I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record) and Visa to the Career Services office. The staff at that time will assist the student in completing all necessary paperwork to be processed for employment. These requirements may change from time to time; check with International Programs on campus for up-to-date information.

Required ID to be processed for payroll:
To be processed for payroll, an employee must present a Social Security (SS) card or a letter from the SS office stating name and SS number, as they appear on the SS card. The name on SS card must match WCU’s records. If they do not, the employee will need to take action to correct WCU’s records.

A student must be enrolled at least as a haft-time student for each semester they plan to work. This means a minimum of 6 hours for undergraduates and 5 hours for graduate students during the fall or spring semester. During summer sessions, a student must carry a minimum of 3 hours per session they are working or enrolled half-time for the fall semester.

Hours Per Week
All students can work up to 20 total hours for all on-campus jobs per week. Special permission is needed for students to work more than 20 hours per week. Generally the maximum is 30 hours per week. During fall, Christmas, and spring breaks, a student could work up to 40 hours per week. International students cannot work more than 20 hours per week while classes are session. Some exceptions apply. Contact The Center for Career and Professional Development for more details.

Pay Information

  • Starting pay for most jobs on campus is minimum wage ($7.25/hr). Others have higher rates depending on skills, seniority, etc.
  • Students in an hourly position are paid every two weeks. Students in a contract position are paid at the end of every month. See the Payroll website for pay periods and pay dates.
  • All payments are made by direct deposit, which is mandatory for all state employees. An employee will need to complete a direct deposit form within 2 days of their first day of work. If a student works for more than one department, the pay will be combined in to one payment.
  • Students not taking classes during the summer may have Social Security and Medicare withholding tax (7.65%) deducted from their checks.
  • Student workers are considered temporary, part-time, and at-will employees and are not eligible for benefits or unemployment insurance.

More Information
For additional information or assistance, please contact the Center for Career and Professional Development. 
Center for Career and Professional Development
205 Killian Annex

Office of Web Services