John Gower’s Transformation of the Tale of Constance from Nicholas Trevet’s Of the Noble Lady Constance

John Gower

MS Hunter 59 T-2-17 Portrait of Gower folio 6v John Gower Vox Clamantis Glasgow Univ Library

Edited by Peter G. Beidler, Lehigh University:

My dozen students and I are pleased to offer this web publication of a comparison of John Gower’s Tale of Constance in the Confessio Amantis (written in the early 1390s) with its immediate source in Nicholas Trevet’s Of the Noble Lady Constance in his Anglo-Norman Chronicles (written in the early 1330s).

"John Gower’s Transformation of the Tale of Constance from Nicholas Trevet’s Of the Noble Lady Constance"
(pdf version, 385kb)

by Peter G. Beidler

  1. The Heathen Merchants
    (NLC, 1-49; CA, II, 587-625; MLT, II, 134-210)
    by Marcela Gamallo
  2. The Marriage Negotiations
    (NLC, 50-72; CA, II, 626-38; MLT, II, 211-322)
    by Heather Urbanski
  3. The Murder of the Christians
    (NLC, 73-99; CA, II, 639-703; MLT, II, 323-436)
    by Krista J. Sterner
  4. The Voyage to Northumberland
    (NLC, 100-51; CA, II, 704-51; MLT, II, 437-539)
    by Kurt E. Douglass
  5. The Blind Man
    (NLC, 152-209; CA, II, 751-91; MLT, II, 540-581)
    by Kimberly C. Robertson
  6. The False Knight
    (NLC, 210-52; CA, II, 792-883; MLT, II, 582-686)
    by Wendy A. Deacon
  7. The King, Husband, and Father
    (NLC, 253-65; CA, II, 884-930; MLT, II, 687-721
    and NLC, 305-17; CA, II, 986-96; MLT, II, 757-770)
    by Samuel H. Norwood
  8. The Substitute Letters
    (NLC, 266-304; CA, II, 931-85; MLT, II, 722-756)
    by Ellen Lempereur
  9. The Second Exile
    (NLC, 318-59; CA, II, 997-1083; MLT, II, 771-875)
    by Eileen Radetich
  10. The Attempted Rape
    (NLC, 360-94; CA, II, 1084-1125; MLT, II, 900-945)
    by Peter G. Beidler
  11. The Return to Rome
    (NLC, 433-83; CA, II, 1126-1225; MLT, II, 946-87)
    by Duane Graner
  12. The King’s Revenge
    (NLC, 395-432; CA, II, 1226-1309; MLT, II, 876-899)
    by Kimberly A. Racon
  13. The Loose Ends
    (NLC, 484-598; CA, II, 1310-1603; MLT, II, 988-1162)
    by Anthony J. Funari


Originally Posted: April 4, 2006

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