Third International Congress of the John Gower Society

John Gower

MS Hunter 59 T-2-17 Portrait of Gower folio 6v John Gower Vox Clamantis Glasgow Univ Library

The Third International Congress of the John Gower Society:
"John Gower: Language, Cognition, and Performance"

University of Rochester
30 June - 3 July, 2014

The John Gower Society held its third International Congress on the campus of the University of Rochester, in beautiful upstate New York, 30 June-3 July, 2014.

The Congress title, John Gower: Language, Cognition, and Performance, defined a wide focus:

  • Language:  languages, translations, specialized discourses, dialects, idiolects, and influences, as well as manuscript, printed, and digital texts—and Digital Humanities, generally, with application to Gower
  • Cognition: medieval memory and ideational theory, cognitive science, mental and physical health, models of therapy, general modes of perception (e.g., Gower and suffering, political, salvific and emotive discourses)
  • Performance: performance and performance theory, narrativity, the staging of ideas and philosophy (people/characters "staged" by deeds and choices, etc.)


More Conference Information (including accommodations, travel, parking, venue, events, and online program) Available At:


Images from the Congress
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Russell Peck receives a signed poster for his labors to make the congress such a success.

Russell Peck delivers the first plenary lecture of the congress: The Materiality of Cognition in the Staging and Regulating of Emotion in Confessio Amantis.

Helen Cooper delivers the third plenary lecture: Gower and Mortality.

Derek Pearsall’s delivers the final plenary lecture of the congress: Gower’s Control Systems.

The river cruise was a hit among attendees.

Bruce Holsinger receives the 2014 John Hurt Fisher Prize.

And a good time was had by all.






"I throw my darts and shoot my arrows at the world. But where there is a righteous man, no arrow strikes. But I wound those who live wickedly. Therefore let him who recognizes himself there look to himself."
Vox Clamantis

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