The Mace
The Western Carolina University mace, created in 1993, is the symbolic representation of the university’s authority at official assemblies. Symbolic academic maces descend from medieval and earlier times, when heads of church and state carried wands or staffs to represent authority. For generations, colleges and universities have used maces in their formal ceremonies.

The Western Carolina University mace is a shaft of black walnut capped with a head of polished bronze. The head is adorned with engraved mountain rhododendron leaves and bears bas-relief icons of the old Madison Building, the Alumni Tower, the original Western Carolina University seal and the University of North Carolina seal. The mace was designed and sculpted by Bill Eleazer, a WCU alumnus. F. Merton Cregger, retired former director of the WCU Center for Improving Mountain Living, assisted in creating the walnut shaft.

The Seal
The Western Carolina University seal bears the image of the Alumni Tower, the university’s best known landmark and a symbol of the support and dedication of the institution’s graduates and friends. Financed through gifts from alumni and other donations, the tower was erected on the occasion of the university’s centennial in 1989 and dedicated one year later. The seal was designed by Debra M. Davis, Loretta Rattler Adams and Darrell Frizsell, former designers in the university’s Office of Public Information.



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