Robert Lee Madison, President   1889-1912
Alonzo Carlton Reynolds, President   1912-1920
Robert Lee Madison, President   1920-1923
Hiram Tyram Hunter, President   1923-1947
William Ernest Bird, Acting President   1947-1949
Paul Apperson Reid, President   1949-1956
William Ernest Bird, President   1956-1957
Paul Apperson Reid, President   1957-1968
Alexander Simpson Pow, President   1968-1972
Frank Hamilton Brown Jr., Acting President; Acting Chancellor   1972
Jack Kenneth Carlton, Chancellor   1972-1973
William Hugh McEniry, Acting Chancellor   1973
Frank Hamilton Brown Jr., Acting Chancellor   1974
Harold Frank Robinson, Chancellor   1974-1984
Myron Lee Coulter, Chancellor   1984-1994
John Halbert Wakeley, Interim Chancellor   1994-1995
John William Bardo, Chancellor   1995-2011

*Belcher is counted as the institution’s11th president or chancellor because historically interim or acting leaders were not included in the tally, and those who held the position on more than one occasion were counted only once.



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