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Adapters And Power Items

Hunter Library has a selection of adaptors and power items to support a patron’s device while they are being used inside the building. These items are available for 4-hours checkout period with in library use only. A variety of other power devices are also available around the building on various tables and along the walls. A Charging locker is also available with various connections for the most popular devices. Check with the Circulation Desk staff for help locating them as needed.

Hunter Library has a selection of both device charging cables and data cables available for checkout. A data cable allows data to be transferred from a device to a PC. Charging cables allow the batteries of devices to be re-charged from a PC or wall socket. Some of these cables have multiple connectors so a wide variety of devices can be used.

  • Apple Lightning Cable
  • Apple Lightning Cable with Rapid Wall Charger
  • Multi Power Cable- Apple Lightning, USB C, & Micro USB
  • USB Wall Charger
  • Micro USB Cable with Rapid Wall Charger

Hunter Library has cables that allow you to connect your PC to various types of monitors input ports. This can be important if your PC is older or newer then the device you are trying to use.

  • HDMI D Male to VGA Female with Audio Converter
  • HDMI Male to VGA Female W/3.5mm Audio Converter (Comprehensive)

Hunter Library has a selection of power extension cords and surge protection devices available for use in the building. There are many areas within the building where tables are further away from power outlets then standard power cords are made. These cables can allow you to power up or use your devices in these locations.

  • Extension Cords and Surge Protectors for Checkout
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