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Faculty Scholarship Celebration FAQ

  1. What is the Faculty Scholarship Celebration?
  2. How can I participate?
  3. What if my scholarship is an unusual size, shape, or format?
  4. What are the guidelines for acceptance?
  5. If I have more questions, who should I ask?

What is the Faculty Scholarship Celebration?

Started in 2006, the Faculty Scholarship Celebration is a weeklong event that serves to recognize all forms of WCU faculty scholarship from the past year.

It includes a display of scholarly products in the Hunter Library and the Blue Ridge Conference Center, a printed bibliography, and a reception/award ceremony.

The event is the result of a partnership between Hunter Library, the Office for Undergraduate Studies, The Honors College, and Graduate School and Research.

How can I participate?

We would love to recognize your work as part of the celebration. You should receive email announcements from the Dean of the Graduate School and Research. This announcement will provide you with a link for submitting your work. The open period typically runs from early December to mid-January.

You can simply submit the titles of your scholarship (published since January of the previous year). These will appear in the printed bibliography that accompanies the Faculty Scholarship Celebration.

You may also choose to include a copy of the work, in whole or in part (such as a book cover). These will appear in the library displays and the Blue Ridge Conference Center.

You are also welcome to attend the reception and enjoy good food, music, and company.  Dates vary each year, but you should receive information by email from the Dean of the Graduate School and Research.

What if my scholarship is an unusual size, shape, or format?

Don't worry---for scholarship that is not in electronic form or an easily transmittable electronic form, you are also welcome to drop off your work directly with any member of the Hunter Library Circulation Desk, attention to Elizabeth Marcus. It would be helpful if you could print out the submission form and bring that with your scholarly work.

The Faculty Scholarship Celebration also includes a media viewing room, so we are happy to showcase your presentations, videos, music, or other digital media this way. Please do not send large media files via the online submission form.  These should be submitted either on a disk or flashdrive, or you can provide us with a URL where we can access your media.

We will do everything we can to accommodate scholarship of all shapes and sizes. In the past, we've mounted large canvasses to the wall, found display cases for sculpture, found portable stereos for music compositions—you name it, we'll try to find a way to make it work.

What are the guidelines for acceptance?

Scholarship showcased in the Faculty Scholarship Celebration is  defined as "inquiry, investigation, or personal work conducted/developed and designed to make an original, intellectual or creative, contribution to a discipline and have been subject to a professional, refereed peer review, with an expectation of dissemination."  Please note, however, that the Scholarship Celebration Committee does not evaluate scholarship. Entries into the Celebration are self-selected by their creators.

This scholarly work should have been produced or disseminated in the previous year by WCU faculty or professional staff members.

We do accept pre-publication drafts for accepted articles (or similar works), but you are not encouraged to submit works that are still in progress and/or are actively being revised. The celebration occurs each year and you will have the opportunity to submit these when they are closer to being complete.

If you have published or conducted creative works with a student, you are more than welcome to submit those works to the Faculty Scholarship Celebration.  Please note, however, that attendance at the reception is not open to undergraduate students. Instead, they can view their work at the library display.

If I have more questions, who should I ask?

Please send inquiries about submissions to Elizabeth Marcus, Librarian at Hunter Library (

Please send inquiries regarding research or the event to Brian Kloeppel, Dean of the Graduate School and Research (

We are very proud to showcase the depth and breadth of scholarship being conducted on this campus and hope that you will join us this year!

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