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2021-22 Faculty Fellows Application

Western Carolina University commits to creating a campus reflective of our core values and we offer curricular and co-curricular educational programs that prepare our students for the diverse world in which they live. This initiative aims to:

Support innovative and inclusive scholarship and teaching.

  • Initiative 3.2.1: Ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational aspects of educational offerings.
  • Initiative 3.2.2: Provide ongoing, appropriate diversity professional development for faculty and staff.

A team of consultants will choose up to four faculty members for the inaugural cohort. Faculty Fellows will be expected to: 

  • Critically engage with, and modify, one’s courses to infuse inclusive pedagogical practices, paying attention to special syllabi creation, choice of readings, pedagogy, and/or approach in framing the various identities of those who have created milestones within one’s academic discipline, especially those of traditionally underrepresented or marginalized individuals.
  •  Embed co-curricular student engagement within course requirements  
  • Reflect on one’s own positionality, as well as how privilege and oppression may function within the classroom and metrics for assessment  

Please send a copy of the syllabus for the course you would like to redesign to Shamella Cromartie to complete your application.



Tentative Timeline

Application Opens January 29th, 2021

Application Closes February 19, 2021

Faculty Fellows Notified March 5, 2021

Faculty Fellows Announced March 10, 2021

Opening Presentation or Program Orientation: Week of March 15-19

Faculty Fellows Meet 5x with Drs. Hinnant Crawford and Stanley (Scheduled individually)

Library Faculty Half Day: Week of March 29--Tentative

Faculty meets with Librarians 2x (Scheduled individually)

Closing Presentation or Wrap up before Teaching the Course: TBD


Fall 2021 The revised course will be taught

Spring 2022 Evaluation

Spring 2022 Faculty Fellows Presentation to WCU Community

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