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Tarek Kandil

Tarek Kandil

Assistant Professor

College of Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.2543
Office: 337 Belk Building


Tarek Kandil has been an Associate professor of Practice at WCU since August 2022. He was working as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University before joining WCU. He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, in 1993 and 1999, respectively, and Ph.D. degree from University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada, in 2004. He has more than 18 years of experience in teaching at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and with current research and collaboration in the area of renewable energy and micro-grids protection.


  • Ph D, University Of Alberta-Edmonton, AB, Canada, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • MSE, Cairo University-Cairo, Egypt, Electrical Power & Machines
  • BSE, Cairo University-Cairo, Egypt, Electrical Power & Machines

Teaching Interests

1. Power Electronics<br>2. Fundamentals of Electric Power Systems <br>3. Power System Analysis <br>4. Electric Circuits-I<br>5. Electric Circuits-II<br>6. Logic Circuit Design<br>7. Power Systems Generation and Distribution

Research Interests

<b><u>Research projects in progress</u></b><br><br>Enhancing Doubly Fed Induction Generator Low-Voltage Ride-Through Capability Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Adaptive Noise Cancellation Technique<br><br>Technical and Economic Evaluation for Off-Grid Hybrid Renewable Energy System<br><br>Optimized Model Parameters Extraction Method for Bifacial Photovoltaic Panels Based on LSHADE algorithm<br><br>Study of ROCOF Relay Suitability for Micro Grid Protection<br><br>Maximum power tracking algorithm for wind energy systems.<br><br>Smart grid and location of distributed generation resources.<br><br>Effect of HVDC network on power system quality.<br><br><br><b><u>Research projects completed</u></b><br><br>Control and Operation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Online Regulated DC-Link Capacitor in MGs<br><br>Investigation of the characteristics of frequency relays for synchronous generator protection<br><br>Optimal location of FACTs devices for electric grid connected with nuclear power plant<br><br>Power Quality Improvement by Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) with a New Control Strategy<br><br>A New Approach to Voltage and Harmonics Compensation Transient Analysis of a Per Phase Switched Capacitor Based Load Compensator<br><br>Analysis and design of a new switched a capacitor filter for harmonic current mitigation<br><br>Analytical and Experimental Analysis of Harmonics of HPS Lamps<br><br><br><u><b>Recent Publications</b></u><br>Mohamed Adel Ahmed, Tarek Kandil, Emad M. Ahmed, “Enhancing DFIG Low-Voltage-Ride-Through Capability Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Adaptive Noise Cancelation Technique”, Sustainability, <b>2022</b>, 14, 859, <b><i>https:// <a href="//"></a>.</i></b><br><br>Ahmed Fathy, Hegazy Rezk, Dalia Yousri, Tarek Kandil, Ahmed G. Abo-Khalil,“Real-time bald eagle search approach for tracking the maximum generated power of wind energy conversion system”, Energy, 249, March <b>2022</b>. <b><i>https:// <a href="//"></a>.</i></b><br><br>Al-Wesabi, I.; Fang, Z.; Farh, H.M.H.; Al-Shamma’a, A.A.; Al-Shaalan, A.M.; Kandil, T.; Ding, M. ,“Cuckoo Search Combined with PID Controller for Maximum Power Extraction of Partially Shaded Photovoltaic System”, Energies, <b>2022</b>, 15, 2513. <b><i>https:<b><i>// <a href="</i></b>// en15072513<b><i></a>.</i></b></i></b><br><br>Al-Shamma’a, A.A.; Al-Shaalan, A.M.; Alkuhayli, A.; Noman, A.M.; Kandil, T., “Technical and Economic Evaluation for Off-Grid Hybrid Renewable Energy System Using Novel Bonobo Optimizer”, Sustainability <b>2022,</b> 14, 1533, <b><i>https:<b><i>// <a href="</i></b> //<b><i></a></i></b>.</i></b><br><br>T. Kandil and M.Adel “Control and Operation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Online Regulated DC-Link Capacitor in Micro-Grid System”, Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Vol: 43, No: 4, October <b>2020</b>. <b><i>https:<b><i>// <a href="</i></b> //</i></b><b><i>10.1109/CJECE.2020.3002855<b><i></a>.</i></b></i></b>

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