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Scott Rader, Ph.D.

Charles Rader

Associate Professor

College of Business

School of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sport Management, and Hospitality and Tourism Management

Contact Information

Office: B2B Forsyth Building


Charles “Scott” Rader has over 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial work experience in the areas of information technology product development and management, web and mobile marketing design and execution, customer communications and relationship management, and advanced marketing and consumer behavior research. Career highlights include pioneering online chat and bulletin board technology platforms for <i>Prodigy</i> customer service during the advent of the World Wide Web, establishing market research and executive education programs for <i>PricewaterhouseCoopers</i> Indochina, and leading the development, launch, and customer support for “Sprinks” (sponsored links), an online cost-per-click (CPC) advertising application ultimately integrated into the <i>Google</i> AdWords system.<br><br>Dr. Rader has lived, worked, taught, and conducted research in New York City, Minnesota, Tennessee, Mexico, Japan, China, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam for organizations including <i>IBM</i>, <i>NTT/DoCoMo Japan, Recruit Japan, Prodigy Online Service</i>, <i></i>, <i>3M</i>, <i>Sprint Wireless</i>, <i>Quang Dung Corp. Vietnam</i>, and consulting firm <i>PricewaterhouseCoopers</i>. During his graduate studies, he was principal and marketing consultant for two start-up ventures in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Dr. Rader continues to conduct on-site social media marketing consulting in Japan and Southeast Asia.<br><br>Dr. Rader received his Ph.D. and MBA, both with concentrations in Marketing, from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree with honors, majoring in Communications/Media Studies with a minor in East Asian Studies, from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Purchase College. He is a former IT specialist certified in multiple IT platforms, versed in web development (HTML5/CSS3/LAMP), Adobe Creative Suite, and Ableton Live audio software.


  • Ph D, University of Tennessee Knoxville, Marketing
  • MBA, University of Tennessee Knoxville, Marketing
  • BA, SUNY at Purchase College, Media Studies

Teaching Interests

Dr. Rader has taught business and students in both the United States and abroad in undergraduate, master, and doctoral courses that include: marketing principles, marketing management, marketing research, qualitative research methods, integrated marketing communications, entrepreneurial marketing, sales management, global marketing and consumer culture, arts marketing, social media marketing, and website/multimedia design.<br><br>In 2019, Dr. Rader was designated Visiting Professor at Southwest University (西南大学) in Chongqing, China for their inaugural Global Immersion Program. He is guest lecturer for prestigious Asian universities including Thailand’s National Institute of Development Administration (<i>NIDA/สถาบันบัณฑิตพัฒนบริหารศาสตร์ </i>) university and Philippines' De La Salle University. Dr. Rader leads a yearly travel course to Japan where students study global consumer culture, multicultural business communication, and basics of Toyota Production System (TPS).

Research Interests

Dr. Rader is a published researcher, frequently partnering with Dr. Clinton Lanier of Minnesota. He has published over two dozen well-regarded periodicals in top-tier, peer-reviewed outlets such as <i>Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Communication Management, Marketing Theory, Consumption Markets & Culture, Consumer Culture Theory,</i> and<i> Journal of Selling</i>.<i> </i>Along with Dr. Lanier, he has published several book chapters dealing with postmodern consumer culture. His research predominantly focuses on ethnographic exploration of experiential consumption, postmodern consumption, literary deconstruction in consumption meanings, social media marketing, and consumption of music.

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