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Sudhir Kaul

Sudhir Kaul

Associate Professor

College of Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.2153
Office: 223 Belk Building


Dr. Sudhir Kaul is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering and Technology at Western Carolina University. Dr. Kaul received his PhD from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in 2006 and has held academic positions since 2008. His industry experience includes development of vibration isolation systems, design and development of motorcycle powertrains, and design of hydraulic systems. His research interests include dynamic modeling for vibration isolation, motorcycle dynamics, and fracture diagnostics. He has published more than sixty articles in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. He is the author of a forthcoming book 'Modeling and Analysis of Passive Vibration Isolation Systems' that will be published by Elsevier.<br><br><b>Education:</b><br>Ph.D. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2006<br>M.S. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2003<br>B.E. Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, India, 1995<br><br><b>Employment History:</b><br>Associate Professor, Western Carolina University, NC, Since 2016<br>Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University, NC, 2013-2016<br>Assistant Professor, University of Mount Union, OH, 2011-2013<br>Senior Lecturer, University of Pretoria, South Africa, 2008-2011<br>Adjunct Faculty, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI, 2005-2008


  • Ph D, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • MS, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • BE, Foreign Institution

Teaching Interests

Vibration Isolation and Control, Fracture Mechanics, Probabilistic Design and Reliability, Dynamics and Kinematics, Mechanics of Materials, Fatigue Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Product Development Engineering, Structural Dynamics, Control of Dynamic Systems, Machine Design.<br><br><b>Courses:</b><br><b>Western Carolina University</b><br>Vibration Analysis and Instrumentation<br>Finite Element Analysis<br>Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery<br>Metrology and Reverse Engineering<br>Advanced Engineering Materials<br>Dynamics<br>Product Development<br>Mechanics of Materials<br>Introduction to Engineering<br><br><b>University of Mount Union</b><br>Machine Design<br>Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery<br>Product Development<br>Statics and Dynamics<br>Introduction to Engineering Analysis<br><br><b>University of Pretoria</b><br>Probabilistic Design<br>Fracture Mechanics<br>Structural Integrity (Fatigue)<br>Machine Design<br>Product Development<br><br><b>University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee</b><br>Dynamic Problems in Design (Vibration Analysis)<br>Robotics<br>Control Systems

Research Interests

Dynamic Fracture Mechanics and Fracture Diagnostics; Vibration Isolation Modeling; Motorcycle Dynamics; Additive Manufacturing; Engineering Education.<br><br><b>Recent Publications:</b><br><b>Kaul, S.</b> (2020). Influence of a Vibration Isolation System on Planar Dynamics of a Motorcycle, International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration, 25(1).<br><br>Seyffert, R., <b>Kaul, S.</b> (2020). Experimental Study of Direct Metal Laser Sintering: High Cycle Fatigue Life and Process Parameters, ASME-IMECE, IMECE 2020-23003, Portland, OR.<br><br><b>Kaul, S.</b>, Ferguson, C.W., Yan, Y., Yanik, P.M. (2019). Triangulated mentorship of engineering students – leveraging peer mentoring and vertical integration, Global Journal of Engineering Education, 21(1).<br><br><b>Kaul, S.</b> (2019). Influence of multi-axial stiffness nonlinearity on passive vibration isolation characteristics of elastomeric isolators, ECCMR 2019, Nantes, France.<br><br><b>Kaul, S.</b> (2018). Maxwell-Voigt and Voigt Models for Vibration Isolation: Influence of Fractional Damping and Time Delay, ASME-IMECE, IMECE 2018-86089, Pittsburgh, PA.<br><br>Pierce, R. S., Whitener, C., <b>Kaul, S.</b> (2018). Semi-active Damping for Off-road Bicycle Suspension: An Experimental Study, ASME-IDETC, DETC2018-85400, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.<br><br>Altammar, H., <b>Kaul, S.</b>, Dhingra, A.K. (2017). Use of Wavelets for Damage Diagnostics in Truss Structures, International Journal of Structural Integrity, 8(3).<br><br>Meeser, R.F., <b>Kaul, S.</b>, Els, P.S. (2017). Investigation into the Flow-Blocking Ability of a Novel Magneto-Rheological Damper Unit, ASTM Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 45(5).

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