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Laura S Lembeck

Laura Lembeck

Associate Instructor

College of Arts and Sciences

Mathematics and Computer Science

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.2546
Office: 456 Stillwell Building
Pronouns: she/her/hers


<b>2023 Associate instructor of Mathematics</b>, Western Carolina University, Campus and Online<br><b>2020 Instructor of Mathematics</b>, Western Carolina University, Campus and Online<br><b>2014-2019 Lecturer of Mathematics, </b>Western Carolina University, Campus and Online<br><b>2009-2014 Instructor of Mathematics </b>Georgia Perimeter College Campus & Online<br><b>2007 Instructor of Mathematics,</b><b> </b>Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL<br><b>2003-2006 Graduate Assistant,</b><b> </b>Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL<br><b>1985 – 1992 Customer Presentations Manager,</b><b> </b><b>Quality Assurance Manager,</b><b> </b><b>Systems Design & Trainer,</b><b> </b><br>Siemens/Tel Plus Communications, Boca Raton, FL<br><b>1982-1985 Systems Design & Trainer,</b><b> </b>East West Telecommunications, Asheville, NC<br><br>Academic Achievement<br><b>2006</b><b> </b><b>MS, Mathematics,</b><b> </b><i>3.56 GPA</i> Florida Atlantic University<br><b>1983</b><b> </b><b>BS, Computer Science,</b><b> </b><i>3.71 GPA</i> Western Carolina University<br><b>1982</b><b> </b><b>BS Ed, Mathematics,</b><b> </b><i>3.45 GPA</i> Western Carolina University<br><br>Honors & Special Recognition<br><b>2021 </b><i>Nominee, <b>2021 WCU Excellence in Teaching Liberal Studies</b></i><br><b>2018 </b><i>Nominee, <b>2018 WCU Excellence in Teaching Liberal Studies</b></i><br><b>2015 </b><i>Nominee, <b>2014-2015 WCU First Year Advocate</b></i><br><b>2012 </b><i>Nominee,<b> 2012 GPC Teaching Excellence Award</b></i><br><b>2011, ‘3 </b><i>Honoree, Influential Faculty Member <b>GPC Alpha Zeta Mu Chapter of Phi theta Kappa Honor Society</b></i><br><b>2006 </b><i>Inducted Member, Florida Atlantic University’s <b>Parliament of Owls</b></i><br><b>2000 </b><i>North Carolina <b>Governor’s Volunteer of the Year Award</b></i><br><b>1988 </b><i>Inducted Member, <b>Siemens’ National Circle of Excellence</b></i><br><b>1986 </b><i>National Finalist, <b>Siemens Saturn System Design & Training Contest</b></i><br><b>1982</b><b> </b><i>WCU <b>Mathematics Competition Scholarship</b>, <b>National Merit Scholar</b></i><br><br>Invited speaker <b>CLE Center for Life Enrichment Summer Series</b>, 2015<br>Invited speaker <b>USG Adult Learning Consortium Summer Conference</b> 2014<br>Invited member <b>ALEKS Corporation SuperUsers’ Group</b>, <i>2013</i><br>GPC representative <b>USG Conference on Transforming Math (Complete College Georgia)</b><br><i>2012</i><br>25<sup>th</sup> Annual Georgia Perimeter College Mathematics Conference <b>Redesign Panel of Experts </b><i>2012</i><br>Invited attendee <b>Pearson Developmental Math Forum</b><i> 2011</i><br>GPC representative <b>NCAT Redesign Alliance Conference</b>, <i>2010</i><br><br>Presentations and Publications<br><b><i>“Breaking the German Enigma Encryption System of WWII” </i></b>Center for Life Enrichment Summer Lecture Series, 2015<br><b><i>“See YOU on the Flip Side – Helping Students Succeed in Learning Mathematics”</i></b><b> </b>USG Teaching and Learning Conference, USG Adult Learning Consortium Summer Conference <i>2014</i>, 27<sup>th</sup> Annual Georgia Perimeter College Mathematics Conference <i>2014</i>, GPC Faculty Development Discipline Day, <i>2014</i><br><b><i> “Life after Math 98 - Which class should I take next?”</i></b> Georgia Perimeter College Academic Advising <i>2012</i><br><b> </b><b>“<i>Alpha or Omega – A Redesign in Progress at the GPC Alpharetta Center</i>” </b>24<sup>th</sup> Annual Georgia Perimeter College Mathematics Conference, <i>2011 & </i>GPC MCSE Faculty Development Day <i>2011</i><br><b><i>“Math 0098 Redesign Textbook Discussion”</i></b> GPC MCSE Faculty Development Day<i> 2011</i><br><b><i>“Learning Platforms in Redesign Mode”</i></b><i> </i>Concurrent Session<i>, GPC </i>MCSE Faculty Development Day <i>2011</i><br><b><i>“Breaking the Enigma Encryption System”</i></b> Georgia Perimeter College World War II Symposium <i>2011</i>


  • MS, Florida Atlantic University
  • MS, Florida State University
  • BS, Western Carolina University
  • BSED, Western Carolina University
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