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James R. Veteto

James Veteto

Associate Professor

College of Arts and Sciences

Anthropology and Sociology

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.3777
Office: 106A McKee Building


I am a cultural and environmental anthropologist. My long-term ethnographic field work has documented agrobiodiversity, farmer decision-making, climate change perception and adaptation, and conservation in Appalachia, the Ozarks, and northwest Mexico. I have also done additional fieldwork on alternative political ecologies and social movements, including bioregionalism, permaculture and ecovillages. My current research project is working collaboratively with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to document community experiences of environmental change. I run a non-profit environmental research institute and permaculture orchard, the Appalachian Institute for Mountain Studies, in Yancey County.


  • Ph D, University of Georgia
  • MA, Appalachian State University
  • BA, University of Georgia

Teaching Interests

cultural anthropology, environmental anthropology, ethnoecology, food and agriculture, culture and climate change, anthropological theory, applied anthropology, Cherokee Studies, Appalachian Studies, economic anthropology

Research Interests

Cultural Anthropology, Environmental Anthropology, Ethnoecology, Political Ecology, Applied Anthropology, Sustainable Development/Agriculture, Agrobiodiversity Studies, Climate Change, Food Studies, Theory in the Social Sciences, Sustainable Communities, Alternative Political Ecologies, Permaculture, Bioregionalism, Appalachian Studies, Cherokee Studies, Ozark Studies, Mountain Anthropology, Social Movements

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