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Indrani Bose

Indrani Bose


College of Arts and Sciences


Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.3658
Office: 207 Stillwell Building
Pronouns: she, her


  • Ph D, Duke University
  • MS, Calcutta University, Genetics
  • BS, Calcutta University, Botany

Teaching Interests

Courses taught:<br><br>BIOL 102: Human Genetics<br> BIOL 240: Introduction to Genetics<br> BIOL 333: Cell and Molecular Biology<br> BIOL 419/519: Cell Biology<br> BIOL 421/593: Principles of Biotechnology<br>BIOL480: Capstone in Genomics<br> BIOL 693: Readings in Genetics

Research Interests

My lab focuses on studying genes involved in the virulence of the pathogenic yeast, <i>Cryptococcus neoformans. </i>This<i> </i>is an opportunistic organism usually infecting immunocompromised individuals. We are using RNA intereference (RNAi) and CRISPR to identify and study genes involved in its pathogenicity.<br><br>I am also involved with the Genomics Education Partnership (GEP), a consortium of educators using genomics CUREs to determine and elucidate gene structure and regulatory networks.

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