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David Hudson

David Hudson

Distinguished Professor

College of Health and Human Sciences

Physical Therapy

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.2191
Office: 226a Health and Human Sciences Building


I came to Western Carolina University in 2007 to teach and research in the areas of biomechanics and muscle physiology. Clinically, I work with patients across a broad spectrum of conditions. I feel that developing a strong understanding of the basic sciences of our discipline enables a therapist to have expertise that is applicable to a wide variety of patient populations. I live in Cullowhee with my wife, Kim, and our two boys, Jake and Sam. Kim and I enjoy the outdoor life, we can often be found camping on the mountain lakes and rivers of western North Carolina or exploring the small mountain towns and festivals that make the area such a great place to be. Our region is so rich in culture, I have always felt that the best way to get to know and understand people is to appreciate their food and music, as they are a direct reflection of their history.<br><b><br></b><b>What do I love the most about being a Catamount? </b>As<b> </b>a Catamount I have come to know that the true measure of my own success is really the successes that I help others achieve.


  • Ph D, University of Delaware
  • MS, University of Delaware
  • BS, Ithaca College

Teaching Interests

Biomechanics, Muscle Physiology, Mechanics of Human Walking

Research Interests

As a researcher I am interested in the interaction between structure and function of the human body. Currently I am exploring how bony torsion in the lower limb affects mechanics of functional tasks. Additionally, I am trying to learn more about the mechanisms that make humans walk so well, and how the cardiovascular system responds during HIIT.

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