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Callie Schultz

Callie Schultz

Associate Professor

College of Education and Allied Professions

Human Services

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.3844
Office: 122-F Reid Gymnasium Building
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Callie Spencer Schultz, Ph.D. is currently serving as Program Director of the Parks and Recreation Management Program (major and minor) and Program Director of the interdisciplinary Social Justice Minor. Additionally, she is an Associate Professor in the M.S. Experiential and Outdoor Education Program at WCU. Her classrooms concentrate on critical and poststructural perspectives of leisure and the ways in which leisure both shapes and is shaped by culture. At WCU she teaches courses focused on diversity & social justice, leadership & group dynamics, research methods, social media, international travel & global citizenship, and programing & evaluation. Dr. Schultz’s research interests include leisure and new media, leisure and social justice, and the performance of subjectivities in transmedia leisure spaces. Utilizing qualitative methodologies that trouble notions of traditional epistemologies, her work aims to challenge us to think about “what counts” as leisure scholarship. She has recently won a grant to purchase and facilitate the Missouri Community Action Network's Poverty Simulation at WCU in partnership with Health & PE faculty and the International Programs and Services Department. The simulation encourages students to think critically about experiences of poverty and counter harmful stereotypes, promoting empathy. Her team has facilitated the simulation for over 400 WCU students and counting.


  • Ph D, University of Utah, Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
  • MA, La Trobe University Bendigo, Australia, Outdoor and Environmental Education
  • BA, University of Virginia, Studio Art and Religious Studies

Teaching Interests

<u>Courses Taught PRM:</u><br>PRM 270: Leadership & Group Dynamics<br>PRM 275: Diversity & Inclusion in PRM<br>PRM 322: International Adventure Travel & Global Citizenship<br>PRM 361: Programming & Evaluation in PRM<br>PRM 495: Senior Seminar<br>PRM 483/484: Senior Capstone Internship<br>Travel Course: PRM 435 Sites, Programs, Facilities: Snowsports Management Trip to Utah (taught in early January)<br><br><u>Courses Taught EOE:</u><br>EOE 502: Diversity and Social Justice<br>EOE 600: Advanced Research Methods & Evaluation Techniques<br>EOE 622: Social Theory in EOE<br>EOE 624: Social Media, Technology, and EOE<br>EOE 628: Scholarly Writing Intensive for EOE<br>EOE 698: Thesis/Project I<br>EOE 699: Thesis/Project II

Research Interests

Recent Publications (For full list of publications & presentations see CV)<br><br>1. Schultz, C. S., Legg, E. (2020). A/r/tography: At the intersection of art, leisure, and science. <i>Leisure Sciences</i>, <i>42</i> (2), 243-252.<br><br>2. Schultz, C. S., McKeown, J. K.L., Wynn, D. (2020). Altmetrics: Measuring public engagement with contemporary leisure scholarship. <i>Leisure Sciences</i>, <i>42</i>(1), 123-131.<br><br>3. Schultz, C. S., Kumm, B., Rose, J., Legg, E. (2020). Emotional pedagogies: Strategies for engaging social justice in the classroom. <i>SCHOLE: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education.</i><br><br>4. Kumm, B., Pate, J., Schultz, C. S. (2020). The future is unwritten: Listening to the rhythms of COVID-19. <i>Leisure Sciences.</i><br><br>5. Schultz, C. S., Oakleaf, L., Paisley, K. (2020). Color-coded activity charts and Beachbody: “Momming” in COVID-19.<i> Leisure Sciences.</i> c20<br><br>6. Schultz, C., & McKeown, J. (2018). Introduction to the special issue: Toward “Digital Leisure Studies.” <i>Leisure Sciences</i>. <i>40</i>(4), 223-238.<br><br>7. Schultz, C., McKeown, J. (2018). Digital Leisure Studies. Wikipedia. Retrieved from: <a href=""<br><br>8. Schultz, C. S. (2017). "Working the ruins" of collaborative feminist research. <i>International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Educatio</i>n, 30(6), 505-518.

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