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Dr. Carmen Huffman

Carmen Huffman

Associate Professor, Interm Associate Dean / Associate Professor

College of Arts and Sciences

Chemistry and Physics

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.3682
Office: 340-C Stillwell Building
Personal Website:
Pronouns: she/her/hers


Ph. D. - University of Maryland, College Park (2001-2005)<br>B. S. - University of Rhode Island (1997-2001)


  • Ph D, University of Maryland-College Park, Chemistry
  • BS, University of Rhode Island, Chemistry

Teaching Interests

physical chemistry - CHEM 352, 371, 453, 553<br>general chemistry - CHEM 139, 140

Research Interests

<u>Molecular Structure and Binding at Solid/Aqueous Interfaces</u><br>As a physical chemist, my research focuses on understanding why and how molecules behave the way they do. One aspect of particular interest for our group is exploring adsorption mechanisms. These are the ways in which molecules bind to surfaces. One system we are currently studying is the binding of heavy metal ions to natural products for the purpose of removing pollutants from water systems. We also explore the binding of nanoparticles to a variety of surfaces, such as cotton, for antimicrobial uses.

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