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Dr. Beth A Huber

Beth Huber

Associate Professor

College of Arts and Sciences


Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.3924
Office: 412 Coulter Building
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Born and raised in Kansas City, home of the 2022 Superbowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs, Beth still says typical Midwestern things like "Ope" and truly believes that KC BBQ is the only real BBQ and that your opinion on that doesn't matter. With a preacher father and a political-operative mother, it was natural that Beth would end up with an expertise in Political Rhetoric. All that really means is that she watches C-Span and reads WaPo all the time and was really good at assessing political trends up until 2016, when everything stopped being predictable in any traditional way. She has a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and in History with a focus on the rhetoric of the Cold War and the Civil War. Her web database, <i>The Political Rhetoric Archive</i>, was published in October of 2019 with a large number of Civil War rhetorical documents and a complete cache of presidential inaugural addresses. She is currently working on the Cold War section with a hopeful roll out in December of 2023.<br><br>Beth is also a playwright and musician. Her full-length play <i>Piece of the Sky</i> was a semi-finalist in the 2019 Austin Film Festival, Play Writing Division, and is now published through Next Stage Press. Her band, Godot Figure, only plays during the summer because all y’all make it impossible to do anything else but teach and research during the school year…but she’s not bitter about that… well, mostly. Seriously, Beth is proud to be a part of this wonderful WCU family.


  • Ph D, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Rhetoric and Composition/ContemporaryHistory
  • MA, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Rhetoric and Composition
  • BA, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Creative Writing

Teaching Interests

Undergraduate: Rhetoric and Writing; Rhetoric and Research; Play Writing; Beat, Radical, and Avante Garde Literature; Apocalyptic Literature. <br><br>Graduate: Political Rhetoric; Classical Rhetorical Theory; Composition Theory; Play Writing.

Research Interests

Rhetorical Theory; Classical Rhetoric; Political Rhetoric (modern and historical); Cold War Politics, Culture, and Rhetorical Constructs; Civil War Rhetorical Constructs; Composition Theory (with emphasis toward the impact of economics – both students’ and systemic - on writing); Post WWII American History; American Foreign Policy;

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