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Cynthia Atterholt

Cynthia Atterholt

Associate Professor

College of Arts and Sciences

Chemistry and Physics

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.3676
Office: 334 Apodaca Science Building Building


I worked as a chemist in industry for 7 years and then taught high school chemistry for 7 years. During this time I completed my M.B.A. I then returned to school to complete my Ph.D. in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry. Upon completion of my Ph.D., I started teaching chemistry at WCU, and have been a faculty member at WCU for over 25 years.


  • Ph D, University of California Davis
  • MBA, Winthrop University
  • BS, Kent State University Kent Campus

Teaching Interests

General Chemistry, Aquatic Chemistry, and Environmental Chemistry

Research Interests

Environmentally friendly alternatives to agricultural chemicals

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