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Andrew J. Bobilya

Andrew Bobilya

Professor, Experiential and Outdoor Education and Parks and Recreation Management

College of Education and Allied Professions

Human Services

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.3326
Office: 122- I Reid Reid Gymnasium Building


Dr. Andrew Bobilya currently serves as Professor and Program Director of the Masters in Experiential and Outdoor Education (EOE) program while also continuing to teach in the undergraduate Parks and Recreation Management (PRM) program at WCU. Andrew's background includes serving as a field instructor, trainer and program manager for various summer camp, wilderness and outdoor adventure programs. He is a former instructor with the North Carolina Outward Bound School and continues to engage in research and evaluation projects connected with Outward Bound. Andrew is also a Certified Outdoor Educator through the Wilderness Education Association (WEA) and continues to offer WEA courses through the EOE and PRM programs. He has served in various roles at industry assocations and publications including the Board of Directors of the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) (2005-2012) and as the Editor-in Chief of the <i>Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education and Leadership</i> (2010-2018). Andrew's current research interests include wilderness solitude, autonomous student experiences, the human nature relationship, spirituality and outdoor programming, and college student transition programs. Andrew has received the Association for Experiential Education's Servant Leader Award (2013), the Western Carolina University College of Education and Allied Professions Legislative Teaching Award (2017) and Dean's Research Award (2017), the Wilderness Education Association's Outdoor Educator of the Year (2018). He also is a founder and Director of Training and Education at 2nd Nature TREC (Training, Research, Education and Consulting) where they come alongside existing programs to help them become better at what they do. Andrew enjoys spending time with his family and friends, moments of adventure, exploring natural landscapes and the related personal spiritual journey.


  • Ph D, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis
  • Ph D, University of Minnesota, Education
  • MS, Minnesota State University-Mankato
  • BS, Montreat College

Teaching Interests

<b>Recent Graduate Courses Taught:</b><br>Current Trends and Issues in Experiential and Outdoor Education (EOE 601)<br>Research Methods in Experiential and Outdoor Education (EOE 503)<br>Philosophy and Theory of Experiential and Outdoor Education (EOE 501)<br>Foundations of EOE (EOE 500) <br><br><b>Recent Undergraduate Courses Taught:</b><br>Camp Counseling (PRM 313)<br>Introduction to Outdoor Pursuits (PRM 254)<br>Wilderness Education – Summer Travel Course (PRM 427)<br>Survey of Outdoor Adventure Activities (PRM 224)<br>Expedition Management and Leadership (PRM 454)<br>Administration and Leadership of Outdoor Pursuits (PRM 454)<br>Program Planning and Evaluation (PRM 361)<br>Mini Internship in Parks and Recreation (PRM 383)<br>Capstone Internship in Parks and Recreation Management (PRM 483/484)

Research Interests

<b>Recent Publications:</b><br>Robertson, P., Graves, E., Bobilya, A. J., Murdock, T., Brotherton, D., & Hunter, S. (2020) An exploratory study of the benefits of a three-week cycling expedition for potential first-generation college students. <i>Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education and Leadership, 12</i>(4), 409-416.<br><i> </i><br>Hines, E., Daniel, B. & Bobilya, A. J. (2020). Environmental views of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. <i>Ecopsychology, 12</i>(2), 118-127.<br><br>Meltzer, N. W., Bobilya, A. J., Mitten, D., Faircloth, W. B., & Chandler, R. (2020). An investigation of moderators of change and the influence of the instructor on outdoor orientation program participants’ biophilic expressions. <i>Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education, </i><i>23</i>, 207-224.<br><br>McCole, D., Bobilya, A. J., Holman, T. & Lindley, B. (2019). Benefits of summer camp: What do parents value? <i>Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education and Leadership, 11</i>(3), 239-247. <br><br>Meltzer, N. W., Bobilya, A. J., Faircloth, W. B., Mitten, D. & Chandler, R. (2018) The effect of an outdoor orientation program on participants biophilic expressions. <i>Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education, 21</i>(2), 187-205. <br><br>Bobilya, A. J., & Faircloth, W. B. (2017). Exploring course outcomes utilizing a new Outward Bound outcomes instrument. <i>Research in Outdoor Education, 15</i>, 114-136.<br><i> </i><br>Rude, W. J., Bobilya, A. J., & Bell, B. J. (2017). An investigation of the connection between outdoor orientation, campus involvement, sense of community, and thriving. <i>Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education and Leadership, 9</i>(2), 197-216. <br><br>Faircloth, W. B. & Bobilya, A. J., & Ewert, A. W. (2016). The North Carolina Outward Bound School Course Impression Survey: A psychometric investigation. <i>Research in Outdoor Education, 14</i>, 1-20. <br><br>Bobilya, A. J., Kalisch, K. R., Daniel, B. & Coulson, E. (2015). An investigation of participant’s intended and actual transfer of learning following an Outward Bound wilderness experience. <i>Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education and Leadership, 7</i>(2), 93-111.<i> </i><br><br>Bobilya, A. J., Kalisch, K., & Daniel, B. (2014). Participants’ perceptions of their Outward Bound final expedition and the relationship to instructor supervisory position. <i>Journal of</i> <i>Experiential Education, 37</i>(4), 397-414<i>. </i><br><br>Daniel, B., Bobilya, A. J., Kalisch, K. R. & McAvoy, L. H. (2014). Autonomous student experiences in outdoor and adventure education programming. <i>Journal of Experiential Education, 37</i>(1), 4-17.

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