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Andrea Daventry

Andrea Daventry

College of Arts and Sciences

Philosophy and Religion

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.3444
Office: 159 Stillwell Building
Personal Website:
Pronouns: she/her


Originally from Florida, I became interested in philosophy as an undergraduate at the University of Central Florida after taking courses on existentialism and the philosophy of love. I went on to get my MA in philosophy from the University of Florida, where I focused on philosophy of religion and epistemology, and then moved to the University of Massachusetts Amherst to work on my PhD. There I shifted my focus to ethics and social & political philosophy—especially autonomy and oppression. The northeast is also where I learned to love the outdoors, with hiking becoming a beloved hobby.<br><br>I joined the Philosophy and Religion Department here at Western in the fall of 2020 after spending some time teaching at the University of Vermont. When I'm not reading, teaching, writing, or listening to philosophy, I'm usually baking, eating what I've baked, or exploring outside with my Chihuahuas, Elvis and Maple.


  • Ph D, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Philosophy

Teaching Interests

Applied ethics of all kinds (bioethics, sexual ethics, the ethics of art, etc.); Normative ethics; Social and political philosophy; Agency, autonomy, and responsibility; Feminist philosophy; Philosophy of race

Research Interests

Ethics (especially sexual ethics and questions having to do with the value of self-expression); Social and Political Philosophy (especially the relationship between oppressive socialization, self-respect, and personal autonomy)

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