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FAQs for Parents and Families

how do i get access to my STUDENT's ACCOUNT?

WCU is required to respect and guard the privacy of each of our students. Students have the ability to give others access their academic and business account information. The university cannot share a student's academic records or account information with anyone who has not been authorized by the student. For a parent to become an Authorized User, students can follow the process outlined on the Bill Payment Instructions website to give another individual access to their business account information – tuition bills, account activity, billing history, etc.

I need to talk to someone about my student's grades, behavior, etc.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. Faculty and staff members at WCU like to offer assistance to family members as much as they can, however FERPA prevents us from sharing most information about your student. Before administrators can discuss educational records with you, your student must give us permission to release their information by selecting (and sharing with you) a 6-digit pin number. Instructions on how your student can do this is available online.

where do students park ON CAMPUS?

Students, even first year students, are allowed to have cars on campus. Students will need to register their vehicle with the University Police. Please be aware that parking regulations are strictly enforced on campus. Students also have access to WCU’s Cat Tran, which provides on-campus transportation service.

my student lives on campus, where do I send their mail?

Student's Name
Western Carolina University
245 Memorial Dr.
Suite ________
Cullowhee, NC 28723

my student is struggling in a class, can they get a tutor?

The Writing and Learning Commons and Mathematics Tutoring Center provide course tutoring, writing support, academic skills consultation, exam prep activities, and more. Your student can schedule an appointment on their website or by calling 828.227.2274. 

who do I call if i feel my student has received an unfair grade in a class?

All concerns regarding a classroom experience whether it is with a professor or class content should be directed to the academic department head. To find the department head select the program from our list of Academic Programs and click “Explore Program”; contact information will be on the right-hand side of the page. Appeals after the department head level should be directed to the dean of the appropriate college. Your student may also submit a complaint or concern online or via the Dean of Students.

what does it mean if my student is being charged with a violation of the academic integrity policy?

Students, faculty, staff, and administrators of WCU strive to achieve the highest standards of scholarship and integrity. Students who are being charged with a violation of this policy have been identified as having either cheated, plagiarized, fabricated, or facilitated. More information on this policy and the process are available on the Academic Integrity page.

my student has a horrible roommate, can they move?

One of the most important life skills your student will attain during their college career will be learning to live with a roommate. At some point during their residential experience, they may well experience a roommate conflict. Residential Living staff are trained to help your student deal with this and have developed resources for parents to help you as well. Encourage your student to talk their roommate, RA, and Area Coordinator.

i think my student is being harassed/bullied by another student

The safety of our students is always our first concern. Unfortunately, some our students have not yet learned to deal with conflict resolution in a healthy or appropriate manner. Although we work to teach them coping skills as part of their educational experience some may respond inappropriately when confronted with a situation that makes them uncomfortable. If your student feels they are being harassed or bullied by another student we encourage them to submit a report online or call the Dean of Student Office @ 828.227.7147. If you are concerned about your students’ safety you may contact University Police @ 828.227.7301.

I am concerned that my student is experiencing depression, having difficulty fitting in, not dealing well with stress, or may have a problem with alcohol or drugs.

It is not unusual for a student to have issues adjusting and may feel homesick or that they can’t cope with the changes that come with college. Our staff are ready to help your student with all of these issues if they arise. Three residential case managers are available 24/7 to help our students who live on campus; Brian Boyer, Maeve Kirby, and Evelyn Rucker. If your student lives off campus, contact the Dean of Students Office @ 828.227.7147. If you are concerned your student may be experiencing issues with depression or substance abuse, our staff in Counseling & Psychological Services are available to help, you can reach them @ 828.227.7469.

my student is graduating, how do i find out about the ceremony, invitations, etc.

Congratulations they made it! Information about applying for graduation and participating in the commencement ceremony are available one the Graduation webpage. Graduation supplies, including caps, gowns, and invitations are available at the WCU Bookstore.

I want to come to a football game, how do i get tickets? can i tailgate?

Tailgating and cheering on the Cats during home football games are an important part of the vibrant WCU experience.  Tailgating Policies and regulations are in place in order to make tailgating a safe and spirited experience for all. Tickets for all athletic events may be purchased online.

my student is sick, where can they go?

Health Services is available to any student who pays the Student Health Fee, regardless of insurance coverage. Keep in mind that students ARE NOT required to be enrolled in the UNC sponsored student heath plan to be eligible for services. Health services utilizes a triage process to accommodate walk-in patients request for services. Each patient will be seen by an RN for evaluation of severity of symptoms.

There is nothing like soup if you’re feeling under the weather. If your student lives in a residence hall they can send an email to with their name and residence hall address and a staff will deliver some soup and crackers directly to their room.

who should we notify if my student is going to be absent from class?


Students are responsible for communicating directly with their instructor(s) when they have been, or anticipate being, absent from class. When possible, students should make arrangements with their instructors prior to their absence. Students are responsible for contacting each instructor to arrange for completion of required work, including missed assignments and exams.  The Student Absence Notification process is designed to serve as a resource and central point of contact for students who, in a crisis situation, need to miss class for an extended period of time. It will not excuse a student from class.

i need to have something delivered to my student who lives in a residence hall.

Deliveries cannot be made directly to students in their residence hall. Address all packages to their university mailing address:

Student's Name
Western Carolina University
245 Memorial Drive
Suite ____________
Cullowhee, NC 28723.

Packages will be held at the mail room in the University Center and can be picked up Monday – Friday, 10:30 am – 5:00 pm. 

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