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Room Assignment and Preferences

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We know that making room assignments that benefit each student is one of the most critical steps to ensure that your time living on our campus is enjoyable and productive.

Be sure to complete all the form fields - the more we know about you, the better match we will make for you in your room assignment. For questions please contact us at

Get Started

Follow the steps below to select the preferences of the building you want to live in, meal plan you want, and roommate that you want to live with. click here to select your new student preferences


  • Log in using your 920# as BOTH your username and password.
  • Click on Application (left side of page).
  • Click on Application Preferences (A new screen will pop up with your 920# listed at the top).

Choose Your Meal Plan

Click on Meal Plan drop-down menu and select your meal plan.

choose your Room

  • Click on the green plus button to add a building preference.
  • Preference Type: Building.
  • Preference: Choose a building (Freshman Residence halls are: Scott and Walker).
  • Preferred Room Type: Select private or double.
  • You can click on the red X button to remove the building choice.

choose your roommate

If you have a specific person you would like to room with both of you MUST select each other.

    • Click on the green plus button to add a roommate preference.
    • Enter their 920# or last name and click search.
    • Select your roommate.
    • You can click on the red X button to remove your choice.
    • If you have not chosen a specific roommate complete the Roommate Matching Questions.
    • Click Next Step, then Finish, and then OK.

Changes to Room or Roommate 

Sometimes, despite everyone's best efforts, room selections may not work out.  Given room availability, residents have the option of changing rooms or buildings starting the second week of each semester.  Residents who are considering changing rooms are asked to contact the building Resident Director, Graduate Community Coordinator or Assistant Director for Residence Life for more information and assistance.

Please note that students who are housed in Scott or Walker halls are only permitted to make room changes within and between these two halls.

Room changes are dependent upon room availability.

Single of Double Occupancy Room

Double rooms that are occupied by one person are not to be treated as private rooms. Residents can only occupy one half of the room and should be prepared for another student to be assigned to the room at any time.  Double rooms occupied by a single person will be inspected regularly and residents will be fined if they are found to be occupying the entire room.

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