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Harrill Residence Hall

Harrill Residence Hall from Central Drive.


Harrill Hall was dedicated in honor of William Bunyan Harrill, who worked at Western Carolina University from 1947 until his retirement in 1966.  He served in multiple roles including director of public relations, director of summer school, professor of education and acting dean of the College of Education.  He is noted as, "A dedicated teacher and administrator, concerned with the future of students and an inspiration to the university."

Opened:  1971; renovated in 2012.
Who Lives Here:
 First-year students.
Number of residents:  352
Number of floors:  9
Elevator:  Yes
Airconditioned:  Yes
Room Types:  Double occupancy rooms with a bathroom located within a two room suite.
Bathroom: Shared with one other double room.
Gender:  Single gender rooms/suites with men and women living on the same floor.
Laundry rooms:  floors 3, 5, 7 and 9.
Kitchens: floors 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
Study Lounges:  floors 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8.
Location on campus:  Uppercampus
Parking:  Harrill-Benton Lot and Harrill South Lot immediately adjacent to the building.  (Provided for informational purposes only.  On-campus parking requires the purchase of a permit and eligibility to park in various lots is determined by the type of permit for which a student is eligible.  In addition, purchase of a permit does not guarantee parking in any particular parking spot or lot.)
Notable features:  

  • Pool table located in 1st floor lobby.
  • Study lounge on 1st floor.
  • Multipurpose room on 1st floor.
  • Outdoor basketball court immediately behind the building.
  • Outdoor grills and tables adjacent to the buidling.
  • Features a geothermal heating and air-conditioning system that uses the earth's energy to provide heat, air-conditioning and hot water for the building.
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certified building.
  • Located 1 block (.1 mile) from Brown Hall - home to The Lodge at Brown Hall, 1889 Bistro, Blue Ridge Burger and Starbucks at Brown Hall.

Rooms in Harill Hall are located within a suite.  The suite contains two double rooms and a bathroom shared by four residents. Note that there are two sets of furniture in the double room - one set for each resident.

Approximately 10' x 16'
Approximately 160 square feet

Room Amenities
Bathroom sink and mirror in the room
Ethernet Port (2 per room)
Movable furniture
Window Blinds

XL Loftable bed (2 per room)
XL Twin Mattress (2 per room)
Desk (2 per room)
Desk Chair (2 per room)
Wardrobe with two drawers (2 per room)

All residence halls at Western Carolina University feature the following amenities:

  • Wireless internet access throughout the building
  • Exterior door access controlled by Cat Card (student ID)
  • Non-smoking building with 50 foot non-smoking perimeter 
  • Resident Assistant staff
  • Professional staff on call 24 hours a day

Harrill Residents socializing in their room with two beds in view.


A view of Harrill Residence Hall from Central Drive


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