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ICA Council

Logo of Intercultural Affairs Council at Western Carolina University


ICA Council serves as the student lead branch of the Department of Intercultural Affairs. The Council Chief sits as the representative student staff for departmental meetings and coordinates and delegates duties within the council. The council hosts various events and programs throughout the academic year to foster diversity and inclusion within the student body. They also help plan many of the large-scale events that the department is responsible for such as J’ouvert, Tunnel of Oppression and the Drag Show.

ICA Council is directly supervised by the Associate Director of Intercultural Affairs, Tacquice Wiggan Davis, with departmental oversight from the Director of Intercultural Affairs, Dr. Dana Murray Patterson. ICA council consists of enrolled students at WCU, who are awarded their positions after an application and interview process led by the Council chief, their supervisor, and the director. By sitting on the ICA council, these select students voices are heard and represent student experience. Their insight about that experience is received and translated into the department's overall programming goals. It is the intention that these students will allow for the department to grow and adapt their programs in order to best represent the needs and wants of all students.

ICA Council Members

Photo headshot of Kourtnee Harris

ICA Council Chief, Kourtnee Harris

Kourtnee Harris

ICA Council Chief

Classification: Senior
Major: Integrated Health Science/Concentration: Health Management 

I enjoy sleeping, eating, and laughing- in that order. I chose to take the position has chief spring semester of my sophomore year. I love being connected to a department that has so much love for the student body and will literally give the shirt off of their back to students. By being chief for ICA council I get to contribute to giving something to our students. It gives me pleasure and joy to know that I am also having an impact on the student body. I love what I do and I love being a part of the department of intercultural affairs.

Fun Fact: I used to play the violin 🎻

Photo of Tacquice Wiggan Davis

Tacqice Wiggan Davis

Tacquice Wiggan Davis

Associate Director for ICA

Classification: Doctorate Student
Major: Educational Leadership

When ICA council began, we had a vision to ensure the voice of the minority student was heard, their experience was felt, and their culture was embraced. We also saw the value in creating a peer to peer experience where all students could educate one another and find common ground. These students serve as an extension to the mission of ICA and that is why I wanted to advise this group. They are the heart of this department!

Fun Fact: My favorite thing to do is travel and I have been on over 18 cruises!

headshot of LaDrika Davis


LaDrika Davis

ICA Council Member

Classification: Sophomore
Major: Nursing

I decided to join ICA Council because my little strange head is full strange and amazing ideas. I joined because I knew that not only would I be accepted but ICA council would do whatever to make those ideas real. I knew I would be surrounded by people who love me and support me. Also I am ready to give all of my love and support back to those who need it in anyway.

Fun Fact: I am a mix of 700 different personalities. Lol I’m joking but seriously get to know me and you’ll see my personalities are endless.

headshot of Shanece Flynn

Shanece Flynn

Shanece Flynn

ICA Council Member

Classification : Junior
Major : Pre-Nursing
Minor : Psychology

I joined ICA Council because I wanted to be a voice to other minority students on campus. I wanted to be able to collaborate with other organizations to help making our campus more culturally inclusive.

Fun Fact: I am Jamaican

Photo of Rebecca Hart

Rebecca Hart

Rebecca Hart

ICA Council Member

Classification: Junior
Major: political science and communication
Minor: leadership and marketing

I joined ICA Council because I enjoy event planning, and I have a passion for inclusive excellence. I thought ICA council was a great way to combine the two.

Fun fact: I love traveling and got to live in Germany for two summers as part of the Catamount Gap Abroad program.

Photo Lyndan Jones

Lyndan Jones

Lyndan Jones

ICA Council Member

Classsification: Senior
Major: Communication and Spanish
Minor: Sociology

Being on ICA Council allows me to plan events and provide resources around topics that aren't always first priority. I am proud to be a part of ICA's constant presence on campus.

Fun Fact: I am a vegan! I also work as the Student General Manager at WWCUFM.

Photo of Alyssa Persina

Alyssa Persina

Alyssa Persina

ICA Council Member


Classification: Sophmore
Major: International Studies and Sociocultural & Linguistic Anthropology
Minor: Spanish

I wanted to join ICA council because ICA had impacted my life for the better. I wanted to give back to ICA in every way I could.

Fun Fact: I am a jazz/r&b Sicilian musician.

Photo of Cherokee Rebello

Cherokee Rebello

Cherokee Rebello

ICA Council Member

Major: Biology
Minor: Leadership and Spanish

After spending almost a year on council I found myself getting pushed out of my shell and comfort zone. I feel that coming back will only push me to bigger and father heights.

Fun Fact: I went to Culinary school for 3 years and won a Dine n’ Taste competition after my first year.

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