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Helping Students

Dear Colleagues:

I’m sure we can all agree that working on a day-to-day basis with college students provides many rewarding experiences as well as unexpected challenges. Some of those unexpected challenges arise because many of our students are struggling with issues in their personal lives that may have the potential to impact our campus community. In my experience, most college students need help with a problem at some point during their college careers, and they’re more likely to turn to a faculty member or a staff member they trust for that support.

It’s with those students in mind that the Division of Student Affairs has created the Helping Students Guide as a resource for helping students. Getting students the help they need before they’re in crisis is a goal we should always be working towards. In the guide, you will find information on issues, situations and problems that some students struggle to overcome.

Western Carolina University has a broad array of student services that can help students manage their problems and work through difficult situations. The primary intent behind this publication is to provide you with good information and pragmatic strategies for responding to students who might share their problems or concerns with you. By no means is this an exhaustive or comprehensive resource for making diagnoses or providing therapy, instead this is a simple tool to aid you in your work with our students.

Another goal of this publication is to make us all more aware of the campus resources available. When confronted with a distraught student none of us should feel alone. This is a caring, collaborative academic community and all of us are working to help our students succeed. My hope is that this resource will make it easier to connect with one another and all the expertise available at Western Carolina.

I should also acknowledge the efforts of WCU’s Student Concern Response Team (SCRT) in preparing this resource. SCRT plays an important role on our campus and for our students.

In closing, I want to thank you for caring for our students and for this campus community. I know that our students appreciate all the support they receive from their interactions with you every day.

Warmest regards,
H. Sam Miller
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Office of Web Services