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Health and Wellness Education

Alcohol and Other Drug Education

The Health and Wellness Education mission is to promote healthy choices emphasizing the elimination of high-risk behavior, illegal alcohol and drug use, harmful substance use and related issues in order to empower and retain successful, healthy and involved students.

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Catamount Wellness Ambassadors

Catamount Wellness Ambassadors are peer health educators who serve as liaisons between Health and Wellness Education and WCU students to promote health and wellbeing on campus. Wellness Ambassadors will deepen their understanding of health and wellness topics while gaining important leadership skills such as public speaking and program planning.
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Alcohol and Other Drugs Committee

The Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Committee is responsible for developing and executing an annual plan to address alcohol and other drug issues. The AOD Committee works collaboratively to promote other Health and Wellness initiatives on campus.

Alcohol Awareness Week

Alcohol Awareness Week is a fun, engaging, and meaningful way for students to learn about alcohol. The week focuses on safe drinking and busting the myths associated with college drinking. Alcohol Awareness Week is held the third full week of October.

Classroom Education Programs

Classroom Education Programs are interactive presentations for classrooms, student organizations, residence halls, and other campus groups encouraging students to make responsible choices regarding alcohol and other drugs. 

Programs for Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants supervise and educate students while they live in our residence halls. These programs are designed to give residents information about alcohol and drug use that can be tailored to their residents.

Safe Spring Break

Safe Spring Break is all about giving students tools to make the most of their break. Programming focuses on encouraging fun, responsible and safe decisions for spring break activities.


WCU has a new online well-being portal- YOU@WCU. YOU is designed to help students Succeed, Thrive, and Matter by managing stress, setting goals, promoting happiness and well-being, and connecting to campus resources. 

The YOU portal was made to help students design their ideal college experience. YOU@WCU fosters student success in three domains: Succeed (academics and career); Thrive (physical and mental health); and Matter (purpose, community and social connections). The portal serves up relevant information and campus resources, and content becomes personalized when a student completes brief assessments, fills out a profile, or searches for something specific. There is also a built-in function for students to set goals as they go.

Anyone with a WCU email address can begin using this tool. A student's email is encrypted when accessing YOU. There is no way of tracking individual use or responses, so users can feel safe being honest and exploring sensitive topics.

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