Student Health Insurance

Health insurance waiver request verification is now open for Academic year 2017-2018.

Students attending WCU are required to show proof of valid medical insurance coverage or must enroll in the mandatory UNC System health plan.

Requirements are:

  • enrolled in a degree-seeking program, AND
  • enrollment in a minimum of 6 credit hours, AND
  • eligible to pay the campus student health fee

Each student that meets these requirements must take action regarding insurance coverage. If you do not take action regarding waiver or enrollment, you will be automatically enrolled in the UNC system health plan after the waiver process has ended. Students that wait for the automatic enrollment process will have insurance coverage effective on August 1st (for Fall enrollees) and January 1st (for Spring enrollees) BUT may not receive an insurance card until mid semester. Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC will offer the Student Blue product again this year as the plan for the UNC System.

Updates for Plan Year 2017-2018


I Already Have Health Insurance

If you have other health insurance and would like to waive the mandatory UNC system health plan, please visit the website below.

waive health insurance

I Need UNC Health Insurance

If you do not have other health insurance coverage you must enroll in the UNC system health plan.  

register for student blue HEALTH INSURANCE

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