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EMS Standby Information and Requests

Guidelines for Standby Requests

  1. Event standby coverage will normally be provided for on-campus university-sponsored or approved events only. Other event standbys must be approved by the EMS Supervisor or Health Services Director.
  2. WCU EMS will make every effort to cover standby requests with at least one North Carolina Certified Emergency Medical Technician equipped with basic first aid supplies and equipment. Standby personnel will be equipped with radios and will request ambulance response when necessary. EMS personnel or ambulances standing by at an event will be subject to leave for emergency calls at any time. Please provide as much information about the event as possible. The person requesting the standby will be notified by e-mail or phone if the standby request is approved. Ambulance coverage at standby events will be provided based on availability of personnel and equipment and the order in which the request is received.
  3. Because the first responsibility of WCU EMS is to respond to campus emergencies, dedicated coverage by a staffed and equipped ambulance cannot be guaranteed at any event and the ambulance may be called away from a standby to respond to an emergency call at any time.

Make a Standby Request

Please complete the form below OR call EMS Operations at 828-227-6324.




We will always attempt to honor special requests. However, it is up to WCU EMS to determine the best way to serve the students, faculty, staff and guests of the campus. Please keep in mind that WCU EMS can be paged out to respond elsewhere on campus at any time.

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