Emergency Medical Services

Students Helping Students Since 1965

Western Carolina University EMS is a student-run organization with supervision and advisement provided by a non-student EMS Supervisor. WCU EMS is part of Western Carolina University Health Services and is affiliated with and supported by Harris EMS, a nationally accredited ALS service.

Students from various majors make up the WCU EMS Team with many pursing the emergency medical care program. The team works 24 hours shifts with one officer on duty and one to two part-time staff. Student officers include a chief, assistant chief, captain, lieutenant and sergeant. Pictured is the ambulance EMS 20.

WCU EMS provides BLS (Basic Life Support)-level care and transport to the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Western Carolina University twenty-four hours a day when the university is in session. The primary response area is the university campus. WCU EMS transports patients to Health Services and to Harris Regional Hospital, located in nearby Sylva, N.C.


Urgent or Emergent After Hours Care

Where do you access medical care after hours? Visit Health Services after hours care page to learn more on how and when to call campus EMS.

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