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Alcohol and Drug Education

Our mission is to promote healthy choices emphasizing the elimination of high-risk behavior, illegal alcohol and drug use, harmful substance abuse and related issues in order to empower and retain successful, healthy and involved students. To achieve this mission all members of WCU's community must understand the risks and dangers associated with alcohol abuse and drug use. Our alcohol and drug education efforts are designed to benefit the entire academic community through comprehensive programming. Programming is developed and implemented in order to proactively and re-actively educate students. Please contact Phillip Boyd if you have an idea for a program, an event you would like to collaborate on or to become apart of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Committee.


Alcohol Awareness week

Alcohol Awareness Week is a fun, engaging and meaningful way for students to learn about alcohol. The week focuses on safe drinking and busting the myths associated with college drinking. Past programs have included:

  • Sober Tailgating
  • Why I Carry My Backpack
  • Seeing Through the Blur
  • Cardboard Box City
  • Guest Speakers

Classroom presentations

Classroom Presentations are interactive workshops for classrooms, student organizations, residence halls and other campus groups. Throughout the presentation students are encouraged to make responsible choices regarding alcohol while promoting responsible action in medical emergencies. Past presentations have included:

  • Alcohol and You
  • Media and Alcohol
  • Alcohol, Drugs and College Students
  • Bar and Club Safety

RA Programs

RA's supervise and educate students while they live in our residence halls. These programs are designed to give residents information about alcohol and drug use that can be tailored to their residents. Past programs have included:

  • Party Safety and Mocktails
  • Drunk Mario
  • Drunk Goggle Relay
  • Smoking? How Much Time and Money Do You Waste?

safe spring break

Safe Spring Break focuses on giving students tools to make the most of their break. Programming focuses on encouraging fun, responsible and safe decisions for spring break activities. Past programs have included:

  • Whee Drive Safely
  • Whee Fight Back
  • Chillin' On the Lawn
  • Guest Speakers
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