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Advisor Information

Spring Bid

Advisors are an integral component of the health of our fraternity and sorority community. Our Greek Engagement staff recognizes the importance of the advisor role and are committed to offering support, resources, and training for campus and chapter advisors. We appreciate the time and efforts that our advisors commit to our organizations each year!

  1. Discuss expectations and level of involvement with your chapter leadership each year.
  2. Be open-minded.
  3. Be knowledgeable of organizational, campus, and council policies and procedures.
  4. Participate in advisor training and/or certification programs provided by the organization’s Headquarters.
  5. Be communicative with your chapter, Greek Engagement staff, and organizational representatives.
  6. Promote student learning and development by providing guidance to your chapter using a balance of challenge and support.
  7. Partner with the Department of Greek Engagement to enhance the experience of fraternity and sorority members.
  8. Provide program planning and risk management resources and consultation for organizations.
  9. Meet with chapter/colony leadership at least once per month (even if by phone).
  10. When possible, attend chapter programs in order to maintain a relationship and rapport with the students.
  11. Empower chapter leadership to make values-based decisions.
  12. Utilize the Greek Engagement staff as a campus resource to assist in building strong organizations.

The Greek Engagement staff will offer opportunities for campus and chapter advisors to connect, discuss relevant topics, and exchange ideas and resources. Please call our office for the most up to date information, 828-227-3635.

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