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Sexual Assault Awareness




If you have an immediate problem and need help now, please call the WCU Police at 828.227.8911.

The purpose of this website is to provide awareness, resources, and education for students, employees, parents, and visitors concerning sexual assault: what it is – what to do if it happens – where to go for support – and much more.

Sexual misconduct may include any form of unwanted, unwelcome, forceful or coercive sexual contact. These behaviors include but are not limited to: sexual harassment, rape, stalking, and sexual assault. Sexual violence can happen to anyone regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, economic status, or profession. These behaviors can happen between strangers or more commonly by an acquaintances, but may also occur between individuals in dating or long-term relationships.

Western Carolina University is committed to creating and maintaining a campus environment free of all forms of sexual violence, harassment, exploitation, or assault.

The university also works to ensure compliance with Title IX, which is a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on the gender of employees and/or students of educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance. WCU will take appropriate action to prevent, correct, and discipline behavior that is found to violate the university's Title IX and other policies.

Every member of the Western Carolina University community should be aware that acts of sexual violence are prohibited by law and by university policy. In compliance with university policy and the Clery Act, acts of sexual violence will be reported to the university police for criminal investigation. This website is intended to help WCU educate, prevent and appropriately respond to sexual assault in our campus community.

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