Rooted in the Mountains

rooted in the mountains


Eighth Annual Symposium Integrating Indigenous Knowledge, Language, Health and Environment

September 28-29, 2017

Rooted in the Mountains: Valuing our Common Ground emphasizes the connection between local and traditional knowledge with health and environmental issues.  This is an interdisciplinary forum where enthnography, literature, art, music, Native and Western science converge. Our theme for this year's conference is "duyuk' dv' I" which translates to "The Correct Way".

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Joe Gone (Gros Ventre) "Healing Native Communities through Indigenous Paradigms"


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Conference Schedule 


thursday, september 28, 2017

Location: Blue Ridge Meeting Room

8:30 am     Registration, Sign up to car pool for field trip to Kituwah on Friday morning
9:00 am     Welcome and Announcements, Mae Claxton, PhD (Department of English, WCU) 
9:15 am     Cherokee Anthem, Opening Prayer, Cherokee Blessing
9:30 am     Introduction to duyuk' dv' I and it's Application for Community Health, Thomas N. Belt (Cherokee Nation, Cherokee Language Program, WCU) and Lisa J. Lefler, PhD (Cherokee Studies, WCU)
10:00 am   Break
10:30 am   Healing Native Communities through Indigenous Paradigms, Joe Gone, PhD (Gros Ventre)
11:30 am   Q & A
12:30 pm  Lunch, on your own
1:30 pm    The Path to Tohi': A Personal Journey, Kevin Jackson (EBCI)
2:30 pm    NIEHS: Valuing Traditional Knowledge, Symma Finn, PhD (National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences)
3:30 pm    The Smithsonian Institution: Valuing Traditional Knowledge, Gwyneira Isaac, PhD (Smithsonian Institution Museum of Natural History)
4:30 pm    Q & A
5:30 pm    Reception at the Fine and Performing Arts Center Gallery

friday, september 28, 2017

Location: Blue Ridge Meeting Room

8:30 am     Registration
9:00 am     Field Trip to Kituwah Mound, Ela, NC: Meet behind the UC, Brett Riggs, PhD (Sequoyah Professor, WCU), TJ Holland (EBCI) and Thomas N. Belt (Cherokee Nation,Cherokee Language Program, WCU)
12:00 pm    Lunch, on your own
1:00 pm      Cherokee Relationship with Plants, Jim Veteto, PhD (WCU) and Onita Bush (EBCI)
2:00 pm      New Kituwah Academy, Hartwell Francis, PhD (New Kituwah Academy)
3:00 pm      Working with Knowledge Keepers Tim Powell, PhD (University of Pennsylvania) and TJ Holland (EBCI)
4:00 pm      Healing through Cosmological Narratives: An Affective Neuroscience Proposition, Enrique Gomez, PhD (WCU)
5:00 pm      Q & A

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