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Conference Housing


Harrill Hall - Western Carolina's "Green" Residence Hall

When you join Western Carolina University conference services, it is our mission to invite our guests into our home. Staying on campus in the residences halls is the perfect way to immerse yourself and other guests into the community at WCU. Using this site, we hope you will explore all of our available residence halls. Due to being an active campus, residence halls are unavailable from early August to mid-May. 

Housing Example

Showroom in Scott Hall


Housing on campus is available mid-May through early August each year and is conveniently located near meeting, dining and recreational facilities.  Our residence halls are a mix of suite style and traditional room, some with air conditioning and some without.  Lounges, recreation rooms, kitchens and laundry facilities make the residence halls ideal for guests of all ages. All residence halls use a physical key for room security as well as a conference card to scan into your specific residence hall. Security for our guests is a top priority, our staff is trained to help turn our home into the best experience for your conference guests.

Guest Housing Options


Noted as Western Carolina's two honors residence halls, Balsam and Blue Ridge are air-conditioned, fit with a mix of single and double rooms, with completely private bathrooms.

With lounges on every floor, guests will not need to go far to find a quiet nook to read a book or slip away for a moment. Each floor has printing capabilities, free laundry services, and televisions with couches.

Guests will find themselves in the center of WCU's campus, only a short walk from the University Center, the Dining Hall, a fountain in the center of campus, and ample parking.

With 788 beds, Balsam and Blue Ridge are suite/private style residence halls with air-conditioning.

Albright and Benton

Although Albright and Benton are two separate residence halls, they are joined by a common lobby. Each of the two residence halls accommodates approximately 200 guests. Each floor houses 50 guests who share two large bathroom suites with individual showers and restroom facilities. Various programs and activities are held in the common lobby. 

Additionally, there is a great outdoor area behind the building which is used for grilling, concerts and sports activities.

With 392 beds, Albright and Benton are traditional style residence halls with no air-conditioning.


Summer home to approximately 200 guests, Buchanan consists of four floors housing. Up to thirty can be placed on each of the seven wings. Each wing has a large bathroom suite. Buchanan is located on the scenic, historic hill section of campus.

With 184 beds, Buchanan is a traditional style residence hall with no air-conditioning.

CentralLocated across from Harrill Hall, Central Drive consists of four floors and sits uniquely terraced into the hillside landscape. Central can hold around 300 conference guests, approximately 70% of those residing in private rooms. Arranged in suite-style configuration, each single-gender suite consists of either four private rooms or two private rooms and one double room, as well as a shared bath and living area. The common living area is furnished with a couch, loveseat, television stand, and small lamp table. Central Drive is air conditioned, has a large multipurpose room, and two seminar rooms which can be used for programs and other functions.

With 292 beds, Central Drive is a suite/private style residence halls with no air-conditioning.


Originally built in 1971, Harrill Hall underwent a major renovation during the 2011-2012 school year. This renovation established modern suites of rooms for approximately 375 guests, with one bath shared between every two rooms and a sink located in each room. Kitchenettes and living and gathering spaces were created on each floor, as well as a 6,000-square-foot addition featuring an upscale meeting venue. 

Of special note, the renovation afforded an energy efficient building with such features as a geothermal heating and air-conditioning system that harnesses the earth’s energy by transferring heat absorbed by the earth via geothermal wells to heat the building, heat water for showers and power the air-conditioning system. Additionally, a basketball court behind the building is available for guest use. 

With 387 beds, Harrill is a suite/private style residence hall with air-conditioning.


On the hill in the historic area of campus, Madison Hall houses 40 guests.  Designed similar to a hotel, each air-conditioned room accommodates one or two students with a private bath.  

With 40 beds, Madison is a traditional style residence hall with air-conditioning.


Built in 2016, WCU's newest residence hall is: air conditioned, has private and double rooms, five floors, a large multipurpose room, study lounges, (free) laundry room, and a vending room. With open lounges on each floor, guests can look out onto campus while enjoying some serenity from the comfort of their residence hall.

With 300 beds, Harrill is a suite/private style residence hall with air-conditioning.


Home to approximately 290 summer guests, Norton Road Hall is air conditioned and consists of both private and double rooms which are arranged suite-style. Occupants of private rooms share a bath with one other private room resident, while each double room has its own bath. Guests of each wing can take advantage of a common living area and kitchen.

With 290 beds, Norton is a suite/private style residence hall with air-conditioning.


Perched atop the hill in the historic area of campus, Reynolds Hall is home to approximately 280 summer guests.  Each air-conditioned room accommodates two guests who share a bath with the same gender room next door.  A popular sand volleyball pit is nearby. 

Robertson Hall is comprised of furnished double rooms.  Each room houses two guests and provides a private bath and kitchenette. Laundry facilities are located on ground floor.

With 273 beds, Reynolds is an apartment style residence hall with air-conditioning.

With 80 beds, Robertson is a traditional style residence hall with no air-conditioning.

Scott Hall

Serving as WCU's largest residence hall, over 700 summer guests can call Scott Hall their summer home. Towering above campus with nine floors, Scott Hall has 16 wings of living space, along with a lobby with pool, ping pong, and an air-conditioned multipurpose room. 

With 726 beds, Scott is a traditional style residence hall with no air-conditioning.


Home to approximately 400 summer guests, Walker Hall is one of three nine-floor high-rise residence halls on campus. Guests enjoy suite-style living, where four double rooms of the same gender share a bath. Walker is located near the main entrance to campus, adjacent to Scott Hall.

With 387 beds, Walker is a traditional suite style residence hall with no air-conditioning.

 Village House

Home to WCU’s residential Greek organizations and themed communities, the Village accommodates approximately 250 guests. Comprised of six buildings, the Village is arranged into several single-gender “houses”, as well as a few co-ed "houses" which can be personalized for your summer conference.  Rooms are double occupancy and each has a private bath and is air conditioned. The Commons Building has meeting rooms as well as vending and laundry facilities for use by summer guests. Volleyball and basketball courts are available for recreational activities.

With approximately 160 beds, the Village are private style apartments with air-conditioning.

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