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SGA Executive Council

The Executive Council is comprised of the Student Body President, Student Body Vice-President, Chief Justice, and appointed members of the Cabinet. Cabinet members may be appointed at the discretion of the Student Body President, and approved upon a simple majority vote by the Senate.  LEARN MORE

Dawson Spencer 2020-2021 Student Body President


Dawson Spencer, Student Body President

Current President for May 2020-May 2021
Ever since Dawson was a child, he knew he wanted to serve others. He began to dedicate his life to public service. In 2014, Dawson interned with the Chief Justice of District 25 where his drive for law and regulation was discovered. Here at WCU, he has served on SGA since his Freshman year as a Sentator, Parlimentarin, and Pro-Tempore where he has honed skills and personality. He hopes to inspire Student Sentate to be devoted to civil debate in a team-oriented environment.  Dawson's major at WCU is Political Science and Criminal Justice with a minor in Leadership and concretrations in Pre-Law and Public Administration. 

Focus Areas: Student Interests, Transparency, and Organizations 
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Aaron Speyer, Student Body Vice President


Aaron Speyer, Student Body Vice President

Current Vice President for May 2020-May 2021
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Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff, schedules executive activities.

Director of Finance

Director of Finance, is point of contact for SGA financial inqueries.

Director of Clubs and Organizations Reaching Excellence

Director of Clubs & Orgs, serves as chair for C.O.R.E. council and approves print for RSOs. 

Director of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

Director of Diversity & Inclusive Excellence, oversees town hall meetings. 

Director of Public Relations and Marketing

Director of PR & Marketing, manages SGA social media channels and SGA elections. 

Director of Internal Operations

To be appointed soon!

Director of Community Engagement

Director of Community Engagement, coordinates and schedules service activities for SGA. 

Executive Association of Student Governments Liaison

ASG Liaison, coordinates advocacy events, forums, trips for government outreach.  

Office of Web Services